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Should I Paint or Replace My Windows?

Closeup of a man using a paint brush to paint a window frame with white paint.

Dull or dingy windows can drain the color from your walls and put a dark cloud over your home’s curb appeal. But what’s the best fix? Should you replace your windows? Or would a fresh paint job be enough to spruce things up? While buying a bucket of paint might be more affordable than doing a window replacement, it's worthwhile to evaluate the time, energy, and investment required before you embark on the tedious project of painting window frames and trim. And once all the work is done, you may still be left with windows that are not energy efficient.  

In this article, we will take a deeper dive into painting verse replacing your windows to help you decide if the extra time and effort it takes to paint them are worth it. 

Can You Paint Window Frames?  

While you can certainly paint your window frames, it may not address some of the problems. If you’re debating between painting and replacing your windows, you’re probably concerned about more than some chipped paint on the frame.  

Painting window frames isn’t a fix for bigger issues like deterioration or poor energy efficiency. Here are a few reasons you might want to consider painting versus replacing: 

  • The windows are relatively new. If your windows are new but have minor defects such as chipped paint, it makes sense to give them a touch-up rather than a complete replacement. 

  • The windows are unique and historical. Older homes with historical significance might also have restrictions on specific home repairs and renovations, including windows. This is usually done to protect and preserve the architectural integrity of the home. If this is the case with your home, painting the windows might be your only option.  

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Paint or Replace Your Windows? The Pros and Cons  

If you’re caught between the decision of painting or replacing your windows, consider these pros and cons to help clarify which might be right for your home. 

Pros of Painting Windows 

  • For owners of historic homes, window painting offers the ability to preserve the historical significance of the home while improving its appearance. 

  • A fresh paint job might be a more cost-effective choice if the defects are minor. 

Cons of Painting Windows 

  • Painting windows is tedious, with some more time-consuming and expensive than others. 

  • Finding restoration specialists in your area can be a challenge. 

  • Homes older than 1978 are likely to have lead paint, which is dangerous to work with. 

  • Painting existing windows won’t improve energy efficiency. 

Pros of Replacing Windows 

  • New double-pane windows can significantly increase your energy efficiency, making your home more comfortable and decreasing your energy bill. 

  • New windows offer a variety of style options, which can be customized to your taste. 

  • Advances in technology have increased the strength, durability, and protection for new windows. 

Cons of Replacing Windows 

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Why Replace the Windows in Your Home?  

We recommend homeowners choose a replacement if:  

  • Your window frames are cracked or damaged. Over time, the fluctuation of temperature can take a toll on older windows, causing cracks or warping of the frame. This can also result in air leaks, which means your windows are not as energy efficient. 

  • The windows are hard to open or close. There are a few reasons the window may be difficult to open. If the window is hung vertically, it could be off-balance. Although this issue can be fixed in some instances, finding the parts for older windows can be challenging. Paint may also prevent the window from opening, or the hardware that works the window may be damaged or broken.  

  • You get drafts from the windows. Loose glass and sash can cause drafty or rattling windows. Air leaks are typically the result of a poor window seal. If you have double-paned glass and notice the window fogs up a lot, you have a bad seam. A loose sash is usually caused by a warped window frame. Neither of these issues can be effectively repaired. Therefore, window replacement is your best choice. 

  • You want to add insulation and UV protection. Newer windows use insulated glass that has two or three panes and a microscopic coating to keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This protection also helps reduce the amount of harmful UV rays that enter your home. 

  • Increase home value. Replacing old, tattered windows is among the most effective ways to boost your home value. The increase in value depends on the style, material, and energy efficiency of the windows you choose. However, a premium vinyl replacement window can increase your home’s value.  

  • You’re ready for a fresh look. Windows add a lot to your home’s appearance. If you’re planning to redecorate or remodel your space, consider how leaving dated windows might detract from your look, even if they are newly painted. There are a wide variety of window styles to choose from that can help you create exactly the look and feel you want. 

If you decide replacing your old windows is the best option, consider updating the exterior of your home too! Your local painting professionals at Five Star Painting can help with high-quality exterior painting services.   

Choose Professional Window Replacement from Glass Doctor

While adding a coat of paint can give a fresh pop of color to your window or keep your historic windows looking fresh, it probably won’t address some of the bigger issues. As a result, your home might benefit more from new windows. In addition to increasing energy efficiency and an updated look, new windows can also help boost your home’s value. 

If you’re considering window replacement, contact your local Glass Doctor. Our service professionals can help you choose windows that meet your needs, are durability and well insulation, and improve energy efficiency. To get started, call (833) 974-0209 or request an estimate online today.