How To Identify And Repair A Failed IGU

A man holding a window pane that he is about to install

As a homeowner, regular household maintenance is crucial in the prevention in costly repair bills. Although we enjoy all of nature’s four seasons, we also need to remember that constant weather changes have an impact on our home, especially our windows. A lot of homeowners are unaware that our windows are what help maintain temperate levels in our home. That’s why it’s recommended to inspect your windows regularly to see whether they need to be replaced or repaired.

Routine inspection of your IGU’s (Insulated Glass Units) is very important. One of the most obvious things to monitor on your IGU is the amount of condensation around the windowsills. Condensation will appear as excessive beads of sweat around the windows. Although condensation is rather normal in times of seasonal change, be aware that you should not have puddles around your windowsills.

One of the main reasons IGUs have issues is because the caulking around the windows is not installed correctly. Another reason for an IGU to fail would be due to “Solar Pumping”. Solar pumping is caused from the windows contracting at night, which allows air to enter. The constant contraction and expansion weakens seals around the windows, which allows moisture to enter and causes your IGU to fail.

For more information, contact your local Glass Doctor® who will be happy to assess your window needs.