How to Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks

A sliding glass door track being vacuumed

Have you noticed that your sliding glass door is getting harder and harder to open or close? A stuck sliding glass door could be damaged and in need of repair, or you may just have a dirty sliding door track. Everyday use causes dirt and debris to get stuck in the narrow pathways of your sliding door track. Without regular cleaning, this dirt can build up and prevent the rollers on your sliding glass door from moving smoothly. A dirty track can even prevent a sliding glass door from opening or closing altogether. Luckily, cleaning sliding door tracks is easy to do. In fact, it should become part of your regular sliding glass door maintenance routine. If you keep your sliding door track clean, your door will last longer and you’ll have less tedious repairs and maintenance to do on a regular basis. A clean sliding door track allows your door to open and close freely and easily, making it safe and convenient for anyone who uses it. Read on to learn how to clean sliding glass door tracks.

Deep Cleaning vs. Routine Cleaning

If it’s been a while since you’ve cleaned your sliding door tracks, or if you’ve never cleaned them before, you’ll want to do a deep clean. Deep cleaning sliding door tracks should be done at least every other month, or every month if you use your sliding glass door frequently. Routine light cleaning should be done every week or even daily to prevent buildup from forming. The more often you routinely clean your sliding door track, the less often you’ll have to perform a more intensive, time-consuming deep clean.

How to Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks the Right Way

Deep cleaning sliding door tracks begins with removing the door from the frame. For step-by-step instructions on how to remove your sliding glass door, check out our blog on the subject. Once you’ve removed the door, use a vacuum to clean the inside of the track and the bottom of your door. Using a homemade solution of half vinegar and half water, or a premade cleaning solution, wipe down both the track and bottom of the door with a soft cloth to remove any buildup or grime. Clean the rollers on the bottom of the door using the same method. Dry thoroughly and apply a thin layer of lubricant oil or spray lubricant to the track.

For routine cleaning, use a broom to sweep the area around the exterior of your door. Keeping the outside area around your sliding glass door clean and tidy will help prevent dirt and debris from entering the track. Once you’ve swept the exterior, use a vacuum to suck up any dirt in the track. A lightweight handheld vacuum could be used as well, or a vacuum with a long, thin attachment. If necessary, use a damp cloth to wipe off any visible grime or buildup on the track.

Glass Doctor Can Help With All Your Sliding Glass Door Needs

Cleaning your sliding door tracks didn’t work? Do you still have a sliding glass door that’s not working properly? You may have a bigger issue than just a dirty track. The experts at Glass Doctor can help with any problem that may be preventing your sliding glass door from working properly. Call today at 833-974-0209 to set up an appointment or schedule online.