Fact or Fiction: Foggy Windows Are Just Dirty Windows

A foggy window on a rainy day

Many homeowners today with older double pane windows are noticing something strange: the windows are becoming foggy. When this happens to the windshield in your car, the foggy layer is a sign the glass is dirty. Simply wiping it down with glass cleaner is enough to restore good vision through the glass.

However, the same isn’t true when the windows in your home become foggy. When this happens, it means one of three things:

  • The humidity level inside is too high in the winter, causing fog on the inside of the window.
  • The humidity level outside is too high in the summer, causing fog on the outside of the window.
  • The seal that keeps your double pane windows airtight has broken and condensation is forming between the panes.

Where are Your Windows Fogging Up?

Be aware that windows are more likely to fog up on the inside or outside if you have single pane windows. With a higher rate of heat transfer through the single pane of glass, condensation is more likely to form. Then, your windows can obviously only fog up between the panes if you have double pane windows.

It’s easy to find out which type of foggy window problem you’re having. First, try wiping the fog off the inside of the window. If that doesn’t work, go outside your home and try wiping down the glass. If neither of these suggestions has any effect, your windows are fogging up between the panes. There’s no way to get rid of condensation here except by replacing the glass.

Benefits of Replacing Foggy Windows

Quality double pane windows perform well for decades before their seals break. This means once you make the investment, you can expect your new windows to last. You could ignore your foggy windows, but replacing them allows you to:

Insulate Your Home Better

The reason double pane windows exist is to provide a better barrier against the outdoor air. The panes feature a small air space between them that acts as a buffer to slow heat transfer. Window performance is enhanced when the airspace is filled with argon or krypton, non-toxic gasses with a higher density than air to slow heat transfer even more.

A broken window seal means this gas has escaped and is no longer doing its job. Replacing your foggy windows with new ones restores the intended energy efficiency to better insulate your home and lower your heating and cooling bills.

Keep Mold Growth at Bay

Foggy windows are the result of water condensation forming on cold glass surfaces. If this moisture sticks around long enough, mold could start growing between the window panes, which is an eyesore and potential health hazard. New windows with airtight seals keep moisture and mold growth at bay.

Replace Your Foggy Windows

The seal around your double pane windows may be broken, but that doesn’t necessarily mean the window frame is damaged. As long as the frame is still in good shape – meaning it’s not rotten, sagging, or warped – you can keep the frame and replace just the glass. This greatly reduces the cost of your project while delivering the same benefits as a whole new window unit.

The specialists at Glass Doctor® can handle your double pane glass replacement. We’ll send a specialist to your home to assess the foggy windows and make sure new panes will work in your existing frames. Count on us to deliver exceptional customer service as we help restore the full benefits of double pane windows to your home. Speak with a team member today to get started!