Does My Car Insurance Cover an Auto Glass Warranty?

Whether or not your car insurance covers an auto glass warranty is dependent upon your specific policy and insurance company. While some policies may include a clause for auto glass or windshield warranty, others may not. To verify, you can either review your policy documents or check directly with your insurance provider.

An auto glass warranty is sometimes falsely thought of as being the same as car insurance. For the most part, car insurance that includes comprehensive and collision coverage encompasses events such as an accident or theft. The terms of car insurance are broader than just auto glass.

An auto glass warranty is a service carried out through a contract with a qualified glass repair shop. It covers your car’s door glass and windshield against chips and cracks, and is not reliant upon a theft or collision occurring. Since auto glass warranties are focused solely on car glass, they often offer more extensive repair terms on car windows and windshields than car insurance can.

Glass Doctor Windshield Warranty

Glass Doctor offers a windshield warranty in the form of our Windshield Protection Plan. When you use any of our technicians to replace your vehicle’s windshield, you get high-quality service coupled with a 12-month windshield guarantee.

If your windshield gets a chip or crack due to normal road hazards within 12 months from the date of installation, Glass Doctor will repair it. If we can’t repair it, we’ll replace it.

Contact your local Glass Doctor professional today to ask about our Windshield Protection Plan.

Glass Doctor Warranty Options

The Glass Doctor 12-month windshield warranty comes automatically with our windshield installation service. However, beneficial add-ons for the Windshield Protection Plan exist. While these options cost a little extra, they may be worth the reduction in driving-related stress depending on your situation. Check them out:

  • Future Installation Option: Labor, adhesives, and moldings are covered in addition to the cost to replace your windshield.
  • Hydrophobic Glass Protectant Option: Original windshield installs are eligible for the hydrophobic coating option, which helps protect your windshield against rain, snow, and debris.
  • Wiper Blades Option: As a convenience, we can also replace your wiper blades when your windshield is installed.
  • Full Service Plan: This plan combines the wiper blades, hydrophobic glass protectant, and future installation options for ultimate on-the-road security.
  • Future Calibration Option: Our technicians will recalibrate your Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) after a windshield installation.

FAQs about the Glass Doctor Auto Glass Warranty

How much does the Glass Doctor Windshield Protection Plan cost?

The cost of the plan itself is free when a Glass Doctor technician replaces your windshield. The cost of labor, adhesives, and moldings is not included under the windshield warranty plan unless the Future Installation Option is purchased.

What damage does the Windshield Protection Plan exclude?

The Windshield Protection Plan does not cover damage due to collision, vandalism, fraud, or acts of God.

Are there any vehicles that are not covered under the Windshield Protection Plan?

Yes. Our plan excludes larger vehicles such as Class A motor coaches, buses, and Class 7 or 8 heavy-duty trucks.

What type of car windows are covered under Glass Doctor’s Windshield Protection Plan?

The Windshield Protection Plan covers windshields only and is not applicable to side or rear car door glass.

Contact Your Local Glass Doctor for Auto Glass Replacement and Repair  

If your car insurance policy doesn’t include a windshield warranty, consider Glass Doctor for your windshield replacement needs. To take advantage of our Windshield Protection Plan, call our professionals at (833) 974-0209 or schedule an appointment online.