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What Are Storm Windows?

A storm window is an additional window that is installed over top of your existing windows to add wind protection and provide more extensive insulation, all while regulating the temperature inside your home by preventing inside air from leaking out and outside air from creeping in. Removable storm windows are usually installed on the exterior of your existing windows but can also be installed on the interior if preferred. Read on to learn more benefits of installing removable storm windows in your home.

Save Money

Removable storm windows cost significantly less than replacement windows. Coming in at a price of around $150-$300 per window, you can add a comparable amount of protection and durability at a fraction of the cost than full window replacement. Since storm windows are easy to find in just about every shape, size and style, it’s easy to protect your home on a budget.

Energy Savings

As well as saving money on the initial investment, installing removable storm windows on your existing windows can help you save on your utility bills. According to, reinforcing your standard single-paned windows with storm windows could save homeowners with homes of at least 2,000 square feet an average of up to $465 on their yearly energy bills. That’s a pretty significant savings.

Preserve Older Windows

Installing removable storm windows can help preserve the integrity and character of older wooden windows without changing the appearance of your home. Older windows can easily be battered in the extreme weather of the winter season or the storms and intense heat of the summer. Storm windows can help protect these elements of your home all while making the interior of your home more comfortable.

Are Storm Windows Right for My Home?

If you live in a region of the country that has particularly cold winters, you can benefit from installing removable storm windows. The extra protection will help conserve energy in the colder months while regulating the indoor temperatures. If you own an older home, it’s also recommended that you install storm windows to preserve the integrity of your home while protecting any materials that may be vulnerable to the elements.

Get Your Removable Storm Windows Professionally Installed by Glass Doctor

Once you’ve decided to install storm windows, Glass Doctor can take care of the rest. With expert specialists equipped with all the latest technology and tools, you can rest assured that your new storm windows will be installed quickly and efficiently. To schedule a free estimate with Glass Doctor, call 833-974-0209 or schedule online.

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