Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

A glass shower door or tub enclosure in your bathroom can be the beginning of your home’s renovation. Let Glass Doctor® provide you inspiration for your dream bathroom. With our frameless shower doors, tub enclosures and premium hardware, you can create the look of a five star bathroom without high dollar prices. Trust Glass Doctor to pave the way to your new bathroom oasis.

Start getting inspired by taking a look at our Shower Door Gallery. We offer a wide variety of bathroom glass options, shower or tub enclosure frames and configurations. Our Shower Door Idea Center shows examples of customizable shower and tub enclosures. Our specialists give you the opportunity to customize your bathroom with your favorite glass patterns and frame color.

Glass Doctor works exclusively through a preferred network of shower door and tub enclosure vendors across the country. This allows you to get our high quality bathroom improvement products locally, without having to sacrifice quality or peace of mind.

Here at Glass Doctor, your inspiration is our next creation. If you have fallen in love with a shower door or glass tub enclosure design that is not available, our experts may be able to build a custom design that is similar just for you. A simple glass shower door or new tub enclosure can be the focal point of your bathroom. You can have the bathroom of your dreams for a fraction of the cost with the assistance the plethora of design sources available and some imagination. We’ll help you start your process.


Adding mirrors to your bathroom are an easy way to transform your space on a budget. Mirrors reflect natural light creating a brighter, more attractive space. They also open up your bathroom, making small spaces appear larger. Glass Doctor offers custom-cut mirrors that allow you to perfectly fit any space.


Taking it a step further, you can attach trim or molding to your bathroom mirror. This can easily be done with liquid glue. If the mirror already has a frame, you could try painting it. Bold colors, metallic paints or texturizing can help give a mirror a fresh look.


If you have an older mirror but are not interested in framing or working on it, sprucing it up is always a great option. Flowers or garland that match the room can help give your old mirror a new look.


Candles are great for softening the look of a room and adding your favorite aromatics to the atmosphere. You can increase the effect of candles by placing them on top of round or square cut mirrors that catch the candlelight, creating a more soothing atmosphere. Glass Doctor can smooth the edges of mirrors and offer a variety of shapes to tailor this look to fit your room.


Even if you have a small master bathroom, you can create the illusion of additional space by adding a large mirror or assortment of smaller mirrors. Consider creating an artistic design with mirrors or hanging a mirror as wide as the wall.


Create a spa-like experience in your own home and invest in a steam shower when remodeling your bathroom. Installing a steam shower in your home is a fairly simple job for professionals and gives you some features of a spa right in your home.


Changing up the accessories in a bathroom can shift the mood instantly. For instance, think of a shower curtain as a piece of canvas. Use the space to decorate and express your style. A simple change to the curtain can completely alter the mood inside your bathroom. Purchasing new towels to go with the new color scheme is a great way to take this idea even further.


Different lighting schemes and brightness levels set off different moods. Installing lights that dim can give you the ability to choose the rooms level of light, reflecting your mood.


Add elegance and even privacy to your bathroom by adding decorative glass or glass etching to any window. Replacing the window with glass block is another option. A glass block opening lets light in without sacrificing safety or privacy inside your bathroom.


Paint or texturize the walls to give your bathroom a facelift. Colorful, patterned wallpaper is another great way to make your bathroom more original and inviting.

Contact Glass Doctor when you are ready to design that perfect glass shower door or tub enclosure. We use premium hardware for hinges and handles so you get that premium look without the premium costs. Call our specialists to schedule an appointment for an in-home consultation. For more details on how we can help you with bathroom renovations, visit the Consultation Page.