Windshield Repair

Small dings and cracks in your windshield are no problem when you entrust your auto glass care to Glass Doctor® of Montebello, CA. We'll have you back out on the road in about an hour. But sometimes your windshield's damage may be more significant and a replacement may be a requirement. You can trust our experts to accurately diagnosis your need for a replacement and guide you to safe choices. Our installation team follows all industry guidelines to assure your new windshield is a perfect fit for your vehicle.

Repair Your Windshield Fast

Our specialists will repair most small windshield damage while you wait. If a crack, ding or chip is less than three inches and not along the edges of the windshield or directly in the driver's line of vision we will fix it fast. Many insurance companies will even waive your deductible for small windshield repairs, so most likely you'll even leave owing nothing.

But don't wait too long to come to see us when you notice a problem. An unserviced crack can gradually lengthen and a ding can fill with dirt. Either of these conditions will make the windshield irreparable over time. Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA will never recommend windshield replacement when a simple repair can be safely made.

Windshield Replacement You Can Trust

Extensive windshield damage is no cause to fret. Our windshield replacement team is fully trained in procedures endorsed by the Auto Glass Safety Council. Trust us to find the glass to precisely fit your vehicle's make and model. We will also apply the safest materials and techniques to your job. Rest assured, your new windshield will fully restore the structural integrity of your car's body. You and your passengers will be as safe as can be with your new windshield from Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA.

We make payment a hassle-free experience, too. Our insurance experts will file a claim on your behalf and collect directly from your carrier. This seamless process will likely leave the out-of-pocket cost for your new windshield at far less than you might expect.

Windshield Care Beyond Installation

For even more peace-of-mind about your new windshield, Glass Doctor of Montebello, CA offers the Windshield Protection Plan on every new piece of glass installed. If your glass breaks within its first 12 months, just bring it back. The replacement will be free. You pay only for labor and materials, and even those costs are covered with one of our upgraded guarantee plans.

Cracks, dings and other windshield mishaps happen to even the safest drivers and most responsible car owners. When they happen to you, there's no reason to worry.