Upcycle Old Windows

“When the window of opportunity appears, don’t pull down the shades,” applies to more than just Tom Peters style of business management. Instead of throwing out those old windows let’s give them a new life and make you the CEO of chic and savvy window restorations.

Create a Chalkboard

Need a crafty way to remind yourself to pick up the dog from the groomers or make it to a meeting on time? Take those old windows, coat the glass in a basic chalkboard spray paint that you can find in the paint aisle at Lowes or Home Depot, and you have your very own custom chalkboard.

Design a Mosaic Artwork

Cover an old window with colored glass pebbles or glass remains (sea glass or wine bottle glass work great) to create a DIY mosaic artwork. Create a design or a random display of colors and hang it either inside or outside. Make sure to hang it in an area that receives ample sunlight to show off those beautiful colors.

Custom Picture Frame

Fill those empty widows with pictures of your family, friends or business retreat, and refurbish the outer windowpane into an antique, elegant picture frame. You can diversify your window-picture frames by doing a series of little pictures or by using a large print to cover the entire window.

Organize Anything Lightweight

String chicken wire, twine, or a cord form one end of your window frame to the other and hang pictures, bows, necklaces or reminders. You can put a decorative fabric up behind your window frame to add a pop of color. This a great use of an antique frame if the glass in the window is too fragile or broken for upcycling.

This just scrapes the surface of the potential you can draw out of your old windows.  We would love to see your upcycle projects. Share your pics on the Glass Doctor® Facebook page.