Screen Doors 101: Why Install Screen Doors?

A screen door with white trim in front of a grey front door

Are you looking for an inexpensive but beneficial addition you can make to your home? Installing a screen door on your front entrance could provide the benefits you’re looking for at a low initial cost.

Most screen doors installed on front entrances are actually storm doors. These are typically made of an aluminum, fiberglass or wood frame with interchangeable sliding screen and glass inserts. This allows you to control how your screen door functions: as a means of ventilating your home with the screen portion exposed or as an added barrier against stormy weather with the glass panel slid over the screen.

As long as you invest in a good quality screen door and take good care of your investment, you can expect it to last several decades before needing to be replaced. Consider the reasons why installing a screen door could benefit your home and family.

Increase Energy Efficiency

When the sliding glass panel covers the screen portion of the storm door, this additional layer covering the front entrance can reduce air leaks and increase the energy efficiency of your home all year round. This has the potential to lower your energy bills and prevent pesky drafts from making you feel uncomfortable.

Some doors come with Low-E glass to help reduce heat transfer through the pane. This may increase the upfront investment by about 15 percent, but energy loss is reduced by up to 50 percent.

Enjoy Ventilation without the Bugs

You probably avoid opening windows that don’t have screens, and the same goes for doors. Fortunately, with a screen door installed, you can open the front door and allow a nice cross breeze to enter without letting in irritating bugs. Plus, if you have any pets, the screen door prevents them from running outside.

Added Home Security

When you throw the front door wide open to let in a cool breeze, a locked screen door in place makes your home feel more secure. Also, every time you slide the glass panel over the screen and lock the storm door, it provides another barrier between burglars and your belongings for increased security.

Even the screen itself can provide a protective barrier if it’s made from stainless steel or aluminum instead of traditional vinyl. Non-removable pin hinges available on some screen doors also help thwart burglars’ attempts to enter your home through the front door.

Increase Home Value

Whether you’re hoping to add a little to your home’s asking price when you sell it, or you simply want to boost curb appeal, a screen door can help you accomplish this. Many attractive versions come in colors and designs to match your home’s exterior. Just remember to review your neighborhood’s HOA rules governing exterior architecture so you’re sure to choose an approved screen door.

Protect the Front Door

Even with all the great benefits a screen door provides, it probably costs less than the front door itself. Whether you want to protect the paint or prevent a window in the door from being damaged by wind-blown debris, a screen door helps you accomplish your goals.

Just keep in mind that the Department of Energy recommends not installing a screen door if your front entrance receives several hours of direct sunlight in the afternoon. This could allow excessive heat to build up between the front door and the storm door, potentially causing damage.

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