Screen Doors 101: Retractable Screen Doors

Rectractable screen doors on a house

Are you looking for the right solution to keep pesky insects out when you open your patio or front door? A screen is the obvious solution to let a cool breeze through without allowing bugs to enter. A fixed screen door may be the first option that comes to mind, but another option is to install a retractable screen door. Consider the pros and cons of retractable screen doors to help you decide if this is the right option for your home.


The screen virtually disappears when not in use

Instead of pivoting outward or sliding sideways, a retractable screen door rolls up into a housing mounted into the recess of the door, where it’s virtually unnoticeable. This roll-up action improves the appearance of the entranceway and prevents your view from being obscured by the screen when you don’t want it there.

No need to remove the screen during the off season

Retracting the screen when you don’t need it helps prevent damage from UV light, dirt and inclement weather. This prevents the need to remove and store the screen in winter.

The screen creates a tight seal

Even with its light weight and ease of use, a retractable screen door does a great job of keeping out both crawling and flying insects. This is thanks to the tight seal it creates all the way around the door when fully extended.

Wider openings are possible

Have you always dreamed of a panoramic back yard view? A sliding glass door paired with a retractable screen could be the perfect option for a lightweight, easy-to-operate door and screen combination. With a screen that retracts into the wall, the entire opening is left un-obscured when you don’t want the screen there.

Flexible and customizable

No matter what you have in mind for your project, you can almost guarantee the ability to customize a screen to fit your needs. Large openings and odd sizes are no problem for retractable screen doors.

Heavy-duty materials allow for a long life

Retractable screen doors are made from durable mesh to allow for substantial airflow while still keeping insects at bay. Some versions are even designed specifically to reduce heat and glare passing through the screen for a more comfortable interior.


The cost is higher

As a more advanced type of screen door, retractable versions cost more than fixed screen doors. This is especially the case if you want a motorized screen door that opens and closes with the touch of a button. This feature could push upfront costs five times higher than standard fixed screens.

Clearly, if you have the budget for it, retractable screen doors could provide the durable, beautiful aesthetic you’re looking for. Need more help deciding? Contact Glass Doctor® to learn more about retractable screens and the benefits they could provide your specific project.