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Let’s Talk Glass with Justin Eimers: Glass Shower Door Installation Service

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Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls
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Let’s face it; the shower/tub area is the center of a bathroom.

At Glass Doctor®, we’re accustomed to worried and sometimes even frantic customers.  A lot of our services are performed out of necessity and emergency.  Think about it.  Board up service, home window service and auto windshield service can all be the result of criminal activity or acts of nature.

But glass shower door installation service is another story. Customers request a glass shower door installation to make the bathroom seem larger and increase home value, but also because they’re tired of breezy shower curtains and simply think glass shower doors are pretty.  Regardless of the reason, Glass Doctor is more than happy to help customers transform an ordinary, shower-curtain bathroom into a personal oasis.

Justin Eimers of Glass Doctor of Sioux Falls explains, “It’s a great feeling to watch a customer have that ‘oh wow’ moment when they see their new glass shower door installation for the first time.”

Glass Doctor:  Why is glass shower door installation service important to consumers?
Justin Eimers:  Let’s face it; the shower/tub area is the center of a bathroom.  And if you think about it, the tub can make or break the look and feel of the entire room.

Glass Doctor:  What all is involved when you install a new glass shower door installation?
Justin Eimers:  In most cases, customers simply know they want a new glass shower door.  At Glass Doctor, it’s our job to help guide them through the process.  Are the walls made of drywall or tile?  That will determine the amount of weight the walls can sustain.  Will there be adequate ventilation after a glass shower door is installed?  A lack of proper ventilation can lead moisture buildup and that can cause mold growth.  What good is a pretty glass shower door if the view through the glass is a moldy mess?  

Glass Doctor:  Do you have any tips for customers?
Justin Eimers:  Keep a squeegee handy in the bathroom.  After each shower, give the glass shower door a quick swipe to help prevent soap scum buildup.
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