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Keep Your Bathroom Mirror Fog Free

Bathroom cabinet with foggy mirrored doors

We’ve all been there… you forgot about the Daylight Savings Time change when you set the alarm, and now you have 15 minutes to be out the door! Obviously, seconds matter in this situation, so when you jump out of the shower the last thing you want to see is bathroom mirror fog. Completing the Olympic record-breaking, fastest shave or mascara application will be impossible if you have to stop to wipe away the blur every ten seconds. So, we’ve developed a list of ways you can use to fight back against bathroom mirror fog.

Shaving Cream

Speaking of shaving, get the upper hand by striking first; grab a can of shaving cream, and lather up your mirror. Let it sit for 10 minutes, and then wipe it down. This should keep your mirror steam-resistant for a few weeks.


You know how we feel about vinegar. Last month we devoted an entire blog to this best kept secret cleaning ingredient, and here’s an additional use. Pour one cup vinegar and one cup water into an old spray bottle then give the solution a shake. Then, spritz and wipe the bathroom mirror to protect it from fog for up to a week.

Dish Soap

It’s good for loosening casserole leftovers from pans, and is a natural steam repellant. So, drop a dollop of dishwashing liquid onto a wet cloth or paper towel, and wipe the bathroom mirror down. This should buy you a few days in your war against the fog.

Post Attack: Blow Dryer

Haven’t had time to launch your preemptive strike? While you dry your hair, shoot the mirror a few times to help get rid of that steam, and still keep getting ready at the same time. The blow dryer’s heat will help clear up the fog, and get you out the door a little faster.