How to Store Christmas Ornaments and Glass Ornaments

Sure, you love the holiday season, but how do you feel about unpacking and re-packing holiday ornaments? Not the same feeling, right? Glass ornaments and holiday décor that was packed hastily can be a real nightmare to untangle and sort through. Even worse, as you unpack, sometimes you find that a poorly packed ornament has become a Christmas casualty.

Luckily, there are a variety of quick and easy ways to make sure your fragile holiday decor is stored properly. Read on to learn about our favorite ways to store glass and fragile ornaments.

How to Store Fragile and Glass Ornaments

Keep your fragile glass ornaments and bulbs safe with these DIY storage techniques:

  • Recycled Egg Cartons

A fun and eco-friendly way to store small glass ornaments is to repurpose an empty egg carton. All you have to do is place one ornament in each egg slot. Then when all the ornaments are put away, the egg cartons can be stacked together and put in a box for neat and compact storage.

This method ensures that each ornament has its own designated space so that they don’t knock together and break.

  • DIY Ornament Rods

Another option is to hang ornaments from wooden dowels that have been installed in large storage containers.

To install the wooden rods, simply cut holes on opposite ends of a large plastic storage container, directly across from each other, so that the dowel runs the length of the container. Make sure that the holes are just big enough to allow the end of the wooden dowel to slide through. Glue the dowels inside the pre-drilled holes for extra security.

Once the wooden dowels are installed, use leftover Christmas ribbon or hooks to hang ornaments on the dowel.

When using this method, consider wrapping the more fragile glass ornaments in tissue paper, or placing them in egg cartons as described above, and storing them at the bottom of the container. This will prevent fragile ornaments from bumping against the other ornaments and breaking.

  • Coffee Can Christmas Lights

Tired of untangling holiday lights, year after year? Try wrapping your lights around recycled coffee cans! This method makes for tidy storage and hassle-free unpacking.

  • Custom-Made Cardboard Dividers

If you have some extra cardboard lying around the house, use it to create custom ornaments dividers. Simply cut the cardboard into long pieces and cut slits along one side of the cardboard strip. Be sure to leave enough room between each slit to fit an ornament and space the slits evenly apart.

Place some of the strips in a box with the slits facing up, leaving room between each strip for an ornament. Then, insert other strips with the slits face-down to create a grid. The slits from the top and bottom strips should intersect.

Because it’s homemade, you can customize the divider to fit any box that you already have. No need to purchase a special storage container!

Not feeling a DIY solution? There are several ornament dividers and organizers available on the market. Many of these storage solutions are clear with built-in dividers. This option allows you to see your ornaments through the container, so that you can keep track of where each ornament was placed.

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