How to Replace Sliding Glass Door Rollers

Is your sliding glass door sticking? There’s nothing more frustrating than a door that doesn’t work properly. If you’ve already tried cleaning the track at the bottom of your sliding glass door and have used the adjustment screws to adjust the door on the track, and your door still isn’t sliding correctly, you might have a problem with your sliding glass door rollers.

Over time – and lots of use – sliding glass door rollers may become worn down, causing them to become stiff or immobile in the door’s track.

Read on to learn how to replace sliding glass door rollers:

Step-by-step Instructions to Replace Sliding Glass Door Rollers

Replacing your sliding glass door rollers is a fairly easy task, but you will need to remove your door from the frame before doing so. Never force your door from the frame; this could lead to permanent damage or the need for repairs. For step-by-step instructions on how to remove your sliding glass door, check out our previous post, "How to Remove a Sliding Glass Door." 

Once you’ve removed your door and have it safely on a sturdy table or workbench, follow these steps to remove the rollers:

  1. Loosen the Roller Screw
    Locate the screw holding the rollers in place. On most doors, this screw is located above the adjustment screw. On newer doors, the screws may be located on the bottom of the door next to the rollers. Using a Phillips screwdriver, turn the roller screw counterclockwise until the rollers are released from the bottom of the door. Store your roller screws in a safe place until you’re ready to install the new rollers.
  2. Remove the Rollers
    Once the sliding glass door rollers are loose enough to remove, gently pull them out from the door. Make sure to remove the rollers from both sides of the door.
  3. Determine the Type of Roller You Need
    Because different doors require different rollers, it’s important to take your rollers with you to the hardware store to purchase new ones, or to write down the exact type and take a picture on your smartphone to bring to the store. If you aren’t replacing the rollers right away, you may need to replace the old ones to set your door back in the frame. Once you’ve got your new rollers ready to go, proceed to the next step.
  4. Insert the New Rollers in the Door
    Lining up the holes on the rollers with the holes in the bottom of the door, insert the new rollers in place. Replace the roller screws and use your Phillips screwdriver to turn them clockwise until tight. Make sure the rollers spin sufficiently before re-installing your sliding glass door.

These steps may vary slightly based on the age and style of the door.

Clean the Track Before Reinstalling Your Sliding Glass Door

You don’t want to put your brand-new sliding glass door rollers on a dirty track, so take a few minutes to clean the track before reinstalling the door. Use a vacuum with a long, thin attachment to suck up any dirt or debris in the track and then use a soft, damp cloth to wipe up any grime or buildup. Now would also be a good time to spray some lubricant on the “sliders” or channels that the rollers slide upon. Once your track is clean and lubricated, reinstall your sliding glass door.

Call Glass Doctor to Replace Your Sliding Glass Door Rollers

If you’re having trouble removing your sliding glass door or the rollers, don’t stress, call Glass Doctor®. From 24/7 emergency service to installation or repairs, the expert specialists at Glass Doctor have you covered. Ready to get started on your sliding glass door project? Schedule an appointment online or call 833-974-0209.