Glass Staircase and Glass Banister Installation for Homeowners

If you’re looking for a modern railing and staircase material to install in your home, consider glass as a possible option. Your local Glass Doctor® can help you select the best design and materials for your home. Then, we’ll perform a professional installation to ensure you get the most from your investment.

Is a Glass Banister or Glass Staircase Right for My Home?

It’s possible to install glass banisters and staircases in new construction projects and home renovations alike. Glass is often a suitable material for contemporary homes. At Glass Doctor, we can adapt commercial railings and banisters to work seamlessly in your modern home. Consider the benefits of choosing glass over conventional building materials:

  • Safe: Building codes require glass balconies, handrails, and stairs to be made of safety glass to reduce injury if these objects are kicked. Safety glass doesn’t break into large, sharp pieces, making it safe to use on and around stairs.
  • Attractive: The clean lines and contemporary feel of glass handrails have made this an increasingly popular option for homeowners. Because glass is transparent, it makes even the narrowest staircase seem grand, allowing the surroundings to shine through unobstructed. Whether you choose a simple row of glass steps or a spiraling staircase with a glass railing, you can customize the design to meet your aesthetic tastes.
  • Durable: Glass is easy to clean and maintain, making it a desirable material for staircases that receive lots of traffic. Expect your investment to last for many years as one of the most durable features of your home.

Choosing the Right Glass

Different types of safety glass can be used to manufacture staircases and banisters. Consider the characteristics of each to help you make the right decision for your project.

  • Tempered glass: Heat-strengthened tempered glass is the most common type of safety glass used in construction today. Rather than breaking into large shards when smashed, it crumbles into relatively harmless pieces. Also, note that a great deal of force is required to shatter tempered glass.
  • Laminated glass: Lamination is a finish that can be applied to tempered glass to make it even safer. To understand how this type of safety glass works, picture a car with a smashed windshield, which is made of laminated glass. It doesn’t shatter into tiny pieces – instead, it stays together with spiderweb-like cracks in the surface.

Glass Doctor will go over each glass option with you to ensure you select the best one for your home. Once you make your selection, we’ll take careful measurements at your home to ensure we know the right size and number of glass panels you need for your project. Then, we custom cut your indoor glass railing or stairs and prepare them for installation.

Glass Doctor Interior Glass Railing, Glass Banister, and Glass Staircase Installation

Installing any glass fixture with help from Glass Doctor is a smooth and easy process. We’ll arrive in uniform at a conveniently scheduled appointment time and begin working right away. Installation may take one day or more, depending on the extent of the project.

Once the job is complete, we’ll leave the area cleaner than we found it so it’s ready for you to enjoy. We can provide you with tips to care for your glass staircase or banister to ensure optimal safety, beauty, and durability.

Choose Our Indoor Glass Railing and Glass Staircase Services 

For glass cutting and installation service you can trust, please contact Glass Doctor today. We’ll help you design and install a beautiful indoor glass railing and staircase quickly and efficiently.