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Glass Doctor Recommends: Headlight Repair

Your car must withstand everything Mother Nature throws at it, from blistering heat to frigid cold, high winds to pouring rain. The front end of your car – including your headlights – takes the brunt of these elements. It’s no surprise that your headlights become scratched, dinged and discolored over time.

As an important safety feature of driving your car at night, you should take the condition of your headlights seriously. If time and exposure to the elements has damaged them or fogged up the lens, Glass Doctor® recommends headlight repair.

Importance of Headlight Repair

Years of exposure to the elements, especially UV rays from the sun, cause headlights to turn yellow or appear foggy. It takes time for this to occur because manufacturers apply a protective coating over the lens to slow the process. However, over time, headlights will inevitably develop an unsightly discoloration.

Foggy headlights reduce your visibility at night. Severely clouded lenses can reduce visibility by as much as 50 percent. Dimmer light shining from your headlamps also makes your vehicle harder for surrounding drivers to spot. This can cause a safety issue that puts you and your family at unnecessary risk.

By seeking headlight repair and restoration, you make driving at night and in foggy conditions much safer. Repairing foggy headlights is also much more affordable than replacing them. When you don’t have a lot of extra money lying around, this is a great benefit. In addition, restoring your headlights adds value to your vehicle, making it an important step if you decide to sell your car in the future.

Types of Headlight Repair

Restoring foggy headlights is an important type of headlight repair, but it’s certainly not the only one. If your headlights are cracked or chipped, you should also make repairing them a priority.

The Glass Doctor Headlight Lens Restoration System is an all-in-one solution to repairing cracks, chips and discoloration. The unique solution smooths out pitted surfaces in acrylic headlights, erases scratches and removes the dreaded headlight fog. This lasting solution is much cheaper than a full headlight replacement, and in most cases, a Glass Doctor professional can quickly make the repair while you wait.

Every piece of auto glass is important to ensuring your safety, visibility and comfort on the road. From windshields to car door windows to sunroofs, you expect your auto glass to be free of chips and cracks while providing the right amount of tinting you need for privacy and a cooler interior.

If you require headlight repair or other auto glass services, reach out to Glass Doctor today, and our experts can recommend the best course of action to make your headlights good as new.