Fact or Fiction: You Need Special Glass Cleaner for Auto Tint

FACT: You do, in fact, need special auto glass cleaner for cleaning automotive glass, which is totally different than the glass in your home.

How do you clean tinted car windows?

  • DO

    • Use specially formulated auto glass cleaner.
    • Wash and dry your car first to prevent dragging dirt and grime over to windows.
    • Work in the shade to keep cleaner from evaporating on impact.
    • Opt for microfiber cleaning cloths, which are safe for all the car surfaces.
    • Spray the cloth (not the windshield) to prevent overspray.
    • Keep a stack of clean cloths at-the-ready. Only clean cloths yield sparkling glass results.
    • Use a pattern, cleaning exterior glass with horizontal strokes and interior glass with vertical ones (or vice versa) to help identify streaks.
    • Have a plan, beginning with your front windshield, then the rear, followed by side windows to ensure critical views are the first addressed.
  • DON’T

    • Use all-purpose, ammonia-based glass cleaners, which fog, streak, and break down tint on auto glass.
    • Use a sponge – they can break down and ruin glass and tint.
    • Use a towel – they are too rough, and often linty.
    • Mix mediums – if you use a cleaning cloth for a surface other than glass (dash, tires), you could introduce grease and grime to auto glass.
    • Neglect to roll down side windows and address these commonly overlooked areas.
    • Forget wiper blades – or you’ll quickly smear dirt on grime on your newly shiny windows.

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