Fact or Fiction: An Updated Shower Adds to Your Home’s Value

A bathroom with a frameless glass shower door

You hear all the time about how some features add to the value of your home while others do not. If the goal is to increase your ROI when selling your home, you need to choose the right renovations. Is an updated shower one of them? Yes, but with some stipulations. Here’s how to tell what improvements are most important and when it’s in your best interest to update the shower.

Take Care of Basic Home Maintenance First

If the roof leaks or the siding is rotten, homebuyers won’t look beyond these flaws, no matter how beautiful the updated steam shower is in the master bathroom. Make sure your home is structurally sound, leak proof, and reliable before you put your money toward a shower update.

The improvements that demand your attention the most include:

  • Roof and siding repair or replacement
  • Plumbing, gutters, and draining system updates
  • HVAC equipment upgrades
  • Window replacement

Consider What Affects Your Return on Investment

Bathroom remodels are one of the best improvements you can make for a high ROI when selling your home. But the return you can expect on your investment depends on several factors:

  • Home value: The update you make should be proportional to your home’s value.
  • Features in the homes around you: If your house is the only one on the block with just one bathroom, you can expect a hefty return by not only updating your existing bathroom but by adding a second one as well.
  • Housing market: Bathroom upgrades provide the best ROI in hot housing markets, often returning more than 100 percent of the investment.
  • How soon you sell after making improvements: The sooner you sell after you update the shower, the better your return will be. However, if you won’t be putting your house on the market anytime soon, make sure the update is one you can enjoy for a few years until you move.
  • Quality of the project: It’s not enough simply to update the bathroom—you also need to put in the type of shower or bath homebuyers want and ensure a job well done by hiring a reliable company for the job.

Walk-in Shower vs. Bathtub

If you decide to renovate the bathroom, you might be wondering: “Do I need a bathtub in my house, or does a stand-up shower provide a better return on investment?” Architects and designers agree—when it comes to shower vs. bathtub resale value, showers take the cake.

Big walk-in showers are far more popular today than jetted tubs. After all, with today’s fast-paced lifestyle, baths are a rare luxury. Most people would prefer to be pampered in a floor-to-ceiling steam shower every morning rather than have a bathtub they hardly ever use.

Update Your Shower with Help from Glass Doctor®

The extent of your bathroom update is up to you, but perhaps all you need is a new shower door. Whether you’re tired of fumbling around with a floppy, moldy shower curtain or your existing shower door simply needs an upgrade, Glass Doctor has you covered. You can expect added home value when you install a new shower door plus these additional benefits:

  • Increased beauty without the cost of a whole new shower
  • No more cold drafts, which are common with shower curtains
  • More natural light to help you lather and rinse
  • The chance to show off custom shower tile

Whether you’re updating the entire bathroom or you just want to give the shower a facelift, contact Glass Doctor to learn more about installing a beautiful glass shower door in your home.

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