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G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

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Do not trifle with windshield safety. Besides the general dangers posed by broken glass, a compromised windshield cannot support your car in a rollover accident or head-on collision, putting every passenger in danger. Glass Doctor® of Winston Salem makes timely windshield repair and replacement a priority. Not only do we use the highest-quality adhesives and methods, as recommended by the Auto Glass Safety Council™, but we also cover all new glass with one of our windshield replacement guarantee plans. We make sure you are never on the road with a broken windshield that isn't safe.

Windshield Replacement Guarantee Programs

The G12® Road Hazard Guarantee

All new windshields are covered under our G12 Road Hazard program at no extra cost to the owner. This provides you with unlimited free repairs for a full year after the new windshield is installed. We encourage you to take advantage of this coverage, as it is much cheaper and more convenient to repair minor damages before they expand and force you to replace the windshield.

In addition to full repair coverage, the Road Hazard warranty also applies to replacements. If your windshield is compromised within 12 months of our replacing it, we will replace it again without charging you for new glass. The warranty does not cover the cost of other materials or labor.

The G12 Future Installation Plan

Designed to supplement the Road Hazard warranty, our Future Installation plan is ideal if you often drive in conditions that threaten your windshield. Whereas the Road Hazard warranty only covers part of replacement costs, the Future Installation Plan covers all of them, allowing you to completely replace your windshield for free. If you purchase this plan, your windshield must be broken within 12 months for it to apply.

The G12 Value Plan

Glass is not the only key to an effective windshield. For a windshield to provide full protection, it must also have functioning windshield wipers, which can often be damaged by the same forces that harm the glass. We provide a set of wiper blades to customers who purchase our G12 Value Plan. In addition, we will coat your windshield with a layer of Clear Choice™ protectant, a resin designed to strengthen and embellish glass. A coat of Clear Choice will help your windshield resist scratches, dents, rain, ice and other road hazards.

Conditions of Coverage

All of our plans only cover windshield damage that occurs less than a year after we install the new glass. We also do not cover damage from non-conventional threats, such as vandalism, natural disasters, collision or fraud. If you drive a bus, a Class A motor coach, or a Class 7 or Class 8 truck, your vehicle is not eligible for coverage. You also must order the repairs from a Glass Doctor office. While any Glass Doctor location can make the repairs, you must report the service to the Glass Doctor shop that originally installed the windshield.

We value the safety and autonomy of our customers, which is why we offer as many choices as possible for coverage. Whatever your needs, you're sure to find a windshield replacement guarantee that's right for you.

Some exclusions may apply.