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Custom Glass Solutions

Glass makes a beautiful surface for tables, shelves and desks. It creates elegant mirrors and doors and complements any style of decor perfectly. Wherever you need glass in your home, Glass Doctor® of Sioux City will provide you with custom solutions to meet your needs.

Energy Efficient Windows and Doors

Glass Doctor of Sioux City offers the best in energy-efficient glass. Low-emissivity, or Low-E, glass has special coatings applied to it that prevents infrared energy from passing through the glass. This means that heat is unable to pass through keeping warm air inside during the winter and outside during the summer. Low-E windows also block ultraviolet light so you will say goodbye to faded and blanched drapes, furniture and carpets. 

Insulated glass units (IGUs), also known as double-pane windows, are another energy-efficient option. This type of glass uses two panes of glass with air sandwiched between to block the passage of heat. Insulated glass will lower noise pollution and heat exchange.

Custom Mirror Solutions

Mirrors are a great way to make small rooms appear larger and enhance light in darker rooms; light reflects off the mirror increasing brightness within the space. Mirrors are one of the most versatile pieces of decor in the home. Glass Doctor of Sioux City offers the following custom mirror solutions:

  • Full-wall mirrors
  • Made-to-order mirror frames
  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Vanity mirrors
  • Mirrored shelving
  • Closet and interior doors

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Decorative Doors

A stunning entryway not only welcomes guests in style, it will also add value to your home. Custom glass installed in your French doors and patio doors add natural light to any room while providing fashionable access to the outdoors. Glass Doctor of Sioux City provides the highest quality glass for your exterior doors including decorative glass with matching side panes, laminated glass and interior blind glass.

Glass Tabletops and Shelves

Glass tabletops and shelves are an easy way to add a contemporary look to any home. Glass Doctor of Sioux City specialists will provide custom glass for new furniture, or replacement glass for existing pieces. We offer a variety of shapes and sizes along with custom finishes for edges.

In-Home Consultations

An experienced Glass Doctor of Sioux City specialist is ready to visit your home to give you a complete consultation. Whether you need replacement glass for a single table or new windows and door glass throughout the home, Glass Doctor of Sioux City is ready to provide the solutions you need.

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