Custom Mirrors

A custom mirror is the perfect way to add style and sophistication to your home. A custom mirror is the right choice for every room in the home, and the experts at Glass Doctor® of Winston-Salem will create the right pieces to match your existing decor or to make a new statement. From the patio to the bedroom, our specialists will cut and install the mirrors you need. We pride ourselves on superior service and attention to detail, which result in the perfect additions to your space.

Mirrors Better Every Space

Using custom mirrors to your advantage is easy when you entrust our specialists with the task of creating your pieces. We will review your space and discuss your options, so we can create the best piece for your needs. During our in-home consultation we will discuss the best size, shape and placement for your custom mirror.

Creating room in cramped spaces: Tight spaces are not only uncomfortable, but they are often difficult to decorate. The wrong pieces will actually make the room appear even smaller and more restricting. Instead, use a custom mirror to create the illusion of space and transform your room. Try an assortment of smaller framed mirrors or a full-length mirror for the most impact.

Brighten dark corners: Whether your rooms have limited natural lighting or you are simply trying to reduce the amount of artificial light required to illuminate the space, a mirror is an easy way to add light to your darkest corners. By strategically placing mirrors opposite existing windows, you'll reflect that light across the entire space. Or, try placing smaller framed mirrors directly above table and desk lamps to amplify their effects. If you're not sure what's right for your home, let the experts at Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem provide you with a no-obligation consultation to find the best solution.

Draw attention to your best pieces: If you already have a few favorite art pieces, yet you still have empty spaces on your walls, try custom mirrors to fill the gaps. A beautifully framed mirror will not compete for attention with your existing art. When placed right, it will also provide additional views so your art can be enjoyed from several vantage points in the room. Or, for your smallest treasures, try mirrored shelving to provide a 360-degree view without requiring handling of your delicate keepsakes.

Function first: Of course, mirrors provide another valuable function in the home. A custom mirror in the bedroom will make sure you look pulled together before getting your day started. A framed mirror by the front door will give you a chance to tidy up before heading out. Or, use a framed mirror in place of a bulky vanity for a weightless way to perfect your appearance.

Free Consultation

Every custom mirror project from Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem starts with a free consultation. Our specialists will travel to your home and explain all your options. We'll take careful measurements and make professional placement recommendations so your project is perfect. To learn more about custom mirrors or to get your project started, call or schedule an appointment online today!