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Glass Doctor® of Victoria, BC knows that as a “Garden City” resident, your glass is invaluable for the productivity and beauty of your home, business, or vehicle. When glass breaks in any of those areas, it not only becomes useless, but also creates a serious hazard. Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC will make recovering from broken glass easy with professional, convenient, and cost-effective glass repair, replacement, enhancement, and maintenance services.

Our glass specialists have the skills and tools you need to restore any glass fixture within your home, business, or car in Victoria. The best benefit of our high-quality services is that you will not have to wait to get your glass restored, especially in the case of an urgent glass emergency. When you take advantage of our emergency glass repair services, the glass in your home and business is restored no matter the day or the hour. All you need to do is give us a call and we'll take care of the rest. To streamline your recovery from a broken glass incident, opt into our glass programs today!

Call us at (778) 746-1808 or fill out our online form to schedule an on-site glass consultation and learn about how we can elevate the glass in your home, business, and car!  

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Auto Glass Replacement and Care in Victoria, BC
Operating your vehicle when any piece of glass is cracked or chipped is not only an inconvenience, but damaged auto glass can also put you and your passengers at risk of getting injured. At Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC, we understand that you can’t control the occurrence of a damaged car window. Regardless, a cracked or broken windshield, window, sunroof, back windshield, or mirror should be repaired as quickly as possible to protect both you and your passengers. From installation to maintenance, the trusted auto glass experts at Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC are with you every step of the way. We even provide RV glass replacement and repair services to certain recreational vehicle brands.

Want to upgrade your car window’s glass with our additional glass features and enhancements? Ask our specialists about our window tinting and tempered glass options!

Custom Glass Table Tops, Shelving, Décor, and Mirrors for Homes in Victoria, BC
While we pride ourselves on being the trusted specialists in the Garden City for designing and installing custom glass shower doors, Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC can also help you create and install custom glass solutions to enhance and complement the aesthetics of your home. These glass offerings include, but are not limited to, custom mirrors, patio doors, and glass tabletops and shelving. Elevate your home décor with glass elements that create beauty and elegance.

In addition to delivering superb custom glass design and installation services, we offer emergency home window repair and replacement services to local homeowners. For 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, we have a team ready to quickly respond to your phone call and provide the high-quality glass services you need to make your home secure again with customer service you can rely on. If we do not have the right window or windowpane in stock, we will always remove any broken glass and window parts then board up your windows to prevent rain or wind from entering your home. We will then schedule a time to install the new glass when it arrives.

Own a business? Ask us about our commercial custom glass solutions or emergency glass repair and replacement services for your business.

Advance Measurement System for Victoria’s Businesses:
Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC can also help you create custom commercial glass solutions to complement the aesthetics of your business. We can elevate your business by leveraging form and function with custom solutions that include, but are not limited to, security film, two-way glass, custom glass storefront door design, repair and installation, drive thru window repair and replacement, glass tabletops and shelving.  Your options of custom industry and commercial glass solutions for your business are endless.

Businesses in the Garden City can benefit from taking part in Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC Advance Measurement System as a proactive and precautionary safety measure. We recommend that businesses include us and our Advance Measurement System in your business’ preparative glass recovery plan, so you do not have to close down or lose potential business in the case of an emergency. The Advance Measurement System prepares your business for the worst by helping you plan for any incidents where you may need an emergency glass repair or replacement. If any glass in your business cracks or breaks, we arrive with the panes accurately sized and ready for installation using the measurements that we took and saved when your business joined the system.  

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Home Glass

Home Glass

Don’t be afraid to redefine your home with glass that gives natural light, a distinct look and cleaner design to a space. Our team can help you make every bathroom a masterpiece with frameless shower doors or tub enclosures. This elegant installation adds light and depth to space, enlarging the room. Beyond the bathroom, lower energy costs with repair and replacement window options.

Home Glass Services

Auto Glass

Auto Glass

If your windshield is beyond repair, trust your local Glass Doctor to replace your windshield with the industry standard. Your auto will seem like new, and you can rest easy knowing we took care of the paperwork. Plus, we provide 12-months of protection with our guarantee. If your windshield needs repair, as an ICBC customer, you can work directly with Glass Doctor of Victoria, BC to have your windshield repaired and claim processed. We will have you back on the road in no time!

Auto Glass Services

Business Glass

Business Glass

Glass Doctor can restore, renew, and remake local businesses to help entice new customers. We can install or repair energy efficient windows, decreasing overhead energy costs. Add to your exterior with specialty glass that features logo and business names. Finally, ensure your business doesn’t stall due to broken panes.

Business Glass Services

Window Repair and Replacement

Window Repair and Replacement

When condensation appears on the inside of your window, it’s time to call a glass expert. Our glass specialists are fully trained to install, repair and replace all windows in your home. Instead of replacing the entire window, our experts check to see if they can just replace the pane. We have several insulated glass options, also called insulated glass units, which can increase the value of your home and reduce your energy bills. You can rely on our team to fix your windows correctly and save you money.

Window Repair and Replacement

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