Heavy Machinery Glass

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that workers should not operate heavy equipment with any broken or damaged components, including windows, windshields and other glass. Keep your farm running smoothly with heavy equipment glass care from the experts at Glass Doctor® of Vancouver, WA.

Heavy Equipment Glass Care

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When workers are safely operating machinery, glass protects them from dirt, dust, and debris while also keeping out harmful chemicals and harsh weather, so they can keep working safely. Even a small chip or crack in a glass pane will reduce the strength of the entire piece of glass and could lead to further damage from even the smallest impacts.

In many cases, a heavy equipment glass care expert will be able to repair chips or cracks to restore both the look and the structural integrity of the glass. If we are unable to make a complete, safe repair, we will replace the glass with matching OEM glass, so you are sure you are meeting all safety requirements for your workers.

On-Site Glass Care

Most farm equipment is heavy and cumbersome to drive along roadways. At Glass Doctor of Vancouver, we are happy to travel to your location to make complete repairs on the spot. Our specialists travel in custom-designed vehicles and carry all the tools and equipment needed.

No matter what shape, size, or glass type your machinery uses, our experts will create perfect replacement pieces that look and work like new. We offer a complete line of safety-rated glass types including laminated and tempered glass, tinted glass to protect against harsh glares, and sound-dampening glass to protect your workers' hearing.

Protecting Your Glass

Protect your new and existing heavy equipment glass with an application of Clear Choice glass protectant. One treatment will protect against scratches and small impacts while also washing away dirt, grime, and debris more easily, so you spend less time cleaning and caring for your glass.

No Obligation Consultation

Glass Doctor of Fort Worth Metroplex Home Glass Services

Whether you need emergency heavy equipment glass care or are looking for a custom replacement for older or specialized machinery, the experts at Glass Doctor of Vancouver are standing by. Every glass care project begins with a free consultation. We will travel to your location and inspect your project before providing you an accurate quote for materials and installation. That way, you know exactly what you are getting upfront with no obligation to purchase.

To learn more about heavy equipment glass care from Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA, or to get your project started, call or schedule an appointment online today!