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Custom Mirrors

Use custom mirrors in every room of your house in order to create a visually pleasing and relaxing home. When you add glass pieces into the existing decor, your family and those who visit are certain to feel more at ease and impressed with the appearance of your living space.

The experts at the Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA have served homeowners for years to design personalized and attractive living quarters. If you are looking to improve the look of your home through the use of glass and mirrors, we can assist you by measuring, cutting and installing all of the custom glass that you need.

Make Your Home Appear More Spacious

When using reflective surfaces in the proper locations, you can transform any room and make it appear larger. Mirrors that reflect both natural and artificial light sources can change your rooms and halls into aesthetically pleasing areas that appear to have more square footage than actually exists. Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA will utilize tile mirrors or those with frames in order to accentuate the existing building structure and to provide an amazing depth transformation. Call our specialists today to arrange a consultation regarding placement of custom mirrors throughout your home.

Your choices include the following:

  • Mirrored Wall: Smaller rooms and halls will increase in appearance
  • Mirrored Backsplash: Perfect in the bathroom and kitchen for creating the illusion of more space
  • Statement Mirrors: Customized mirrors for placement above large pieces of furniture or your fireplace

Enhance the appearance of your home and decor with customized mirrors designed to your exact measurements and decorating choices. You may choose from an array of tints, edge designs, glass finishing and framing that maximize the aesthetic choices in your abode.

You may find these choices of interest:

  • Mirrored Shelving: Provides a full view of your sculptures and other pieces of artwork.
  • Hanging Mirrors: When in the right location, these can alter the path of natural lighting to highlight the artistic pieces in your home.
  • Framed Mirrors: These can highlight your existing decor while directing light throughout the room to showcase your favorite furnishings and art pieces. Some decorative mirrors worth considering include:

Maximize the Various Light Sources in Your Home

The use of custom mirrors for your table surfaces or ones placed strategically on the walls will reflect the sunlight streaming in from windows and that of various fixtures in the room. This is especially beneficial for rooms or halls that do not have any windows for natural lighting.

Two great choices for boosting interior light:

  • Bedroom mirrors: To make your sleeping quarters appear larger and more luxurious, consider adding a few mirrors in the room. Use them to redirect sunlight or to get more lighting from your lamps.
  • Mounted mirrors: In your home office or other rooms, Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA will place custom mirrors to provide more illumination for your desk and reading areas.

Impressive Mirror Choices

Glass Doctor of Glass Doctor of Vancouver, WA will assist you to use full-length mirrors for your entry and closet area. This will give you the chance to review your general appearance as you are getting ready, or on your way out the door. Our specialists will create a customized design with the finish and framing you choose to blend in perfectly with the rest of your home, including:

  • Framed mirrors: These look fantastic in the bathroom.
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors: Ideal for reviewing your entire appearance before leaving home.

Contact our experts today for a free consultation, including measuring the areas you want to install mirrors. Our complete service includes assistance through every step of the installation process.