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Auto Glass Experts in the Turlock Area

When vehicle owners in Stanislaus and Merced County need quality auto glass repair and replacement services, they trust Glass Doctor Auto of Turlock. Our auto glass experts are trained and experienced in installing, repairing and replacing all types of glass on your vehicle using the best quality materials and industry standard techniques. We have the right solutions for any of your auto glass needs.

Glass Doctor Auto of Turlock is locally owned and operated, and we are proud to serve residents and businesses in Turlock, Keyes, Hilmar, Delhi, Ceres, and the surrounding areas. Whether it’s your personal vehicle or part of your business’s fleet, we’ve got you covered with windshield repair and replacement, headlight restoration and repair, and other auto glass replacement services.

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More auto glass services offered by Glass Doctor Auto of Turlock:

Windshield Protection Plan
We know that your windshield can be damaged at any time, and it can be especially frustrating when you have recently had your windshield replaced. That’s why every windshield replacement we perform comes with our Windshield Protection Plan. This plan provides you with unlimited windshield repairs or a single windshield replacement within 12 months of the original windshield installation. We also give you our Limited Windshield Warranty, and optional products like new wiper blades and our hydrophobic coating glass protectant.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) Calibration
If you have a newer vehicle, it likely features some form of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). These are technological features that help keep you, your passengers, and pedestrians safer. ADAS features include blind-spot monitoring, collision avoidance systems, parking sensors, lane departure sensors, and more. When your windshield is replaced, the cameras and sensors need to be calibrated to ensure they are working properly. This calibration process requires special equipment and training. The auto glass experts at Glass Doctor Auto of Turlock can properly calibrate your vehicle’s ADAS features.

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Auto Glass

Driving with a broken windshield is unsafe and can be illegal. Trust Glass Doctor Auto of Turlock to keep you safe while remaining in compliance with state and national laws, plus you can always count on us to install your replacement glass correctly. Our professionals will replace your broken or cracked windshield with industry standard glass using standard best practices during the installation. It is our priority to keep you and your passengers safe on the open road.

Auto Glass Services