Glass Tabletops & Custom Shelving

Installing glass tabletops is one of the fastest, most effective ways to improve the appearance of a room without exceeding your budget. Whether you want to protect an antique or brighten up a dull piece of furniture, custom tabletops and shelves from Glass Doctor® of Winston-Salem are great solutions.

The Benefits of Our Expertise

Our specialists will create a design to suit your needs, style and tastes. We will discuss options like edgework, thickness and tint with you to work out the best design for your piece. Most importantly, we will take safety into consideration. Some possibilities include:

When developing a design, our specialists will also bear in mind the location of the table, as a custom tabletop for a dining room will be very different from one for a writing desk or conference room table.

Graphic of different glass edges

Custom Shelving

Another custom solution we offer homes and businesses is glass shelving. Become organized and take advantage of your walls while improving the aesthetics of the room. Our specialists design custom shelving for any location, bearing your requirements in mind. We will even plan the layout for optimal appearance and usage of space, ensuring that objects fit without crowding the shelves. You’ll have the same glass, tint and edgework options as the tabletops.

Contact us at Glass Doctor of Winston-Salem for a free consultation to discuss your glass needs. One of our specialists will come to your home or office to assess how custom tabletops, shelves or another glass solution would benefit you.