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Advance Measurement System

Keep your business safe and secure with help from the proactive glass care specialists at Glass Doctor® of Vancouver. Our seasoned staff of experts is always ready to tackle any glass issues. To better serve our clients, the Advance Measurement System is engineered to improve the efficiency of disaster recovery plans. Entrust glass care to our team today!

Faster Emergency Repairs

We first perform an inspection of your facility, measuring all glass and assign the panes a numerical value on a corresponding diagram. This diagram will later be used in the case any glass has cracked or broken. No matter when you need assistance, contact our proactive glass caregivers over the phone with the window number. Our specialists will quickly locate the glass needed to perform a replacement and complete the work in one visit. This avoids the need for board ups at your place of business. Our Advance Measurement plan expedites glass repairs and replacements, weighs less heavily on your budget and will make your life easier. Pre-establish contact and credit information as well to further speed up emergency repairs.

In-Stock Options

Some glass will tend to break more frequently than others. Sign up for this plan add-on to ensure Glass Doctor of Vancouver keeps a steady supply of glass, so your business continues to run smoothly.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

  • Convenience: Glass repairs that doesn't interfere with business
  • Savings: One-stop repairs and replacement jobs means you save cash
  • Security: Ensure no theft or break-ins occur
  • Liability: Keep your business safe from hazards like glass shards
  • Image: Foster an inviting environment for customers
  • Expedience: You never need board-ups
  • Credit: Pre-establish credit to avoid billing issues

Contact Glass Doctor of Vancouver over the phone today or fill out a quick service request online to learn more about how our proactive glass care solutions will help you. Our Advance Measurement system will keep the glass at your business safe and secure at all times, no matter what. Get in touch with our seasoned specialists for 24/7 expert assistance. We will get the job done right the first time around, every time.