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Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of The Hamptons offers commercial glass care for businesses throughout the Suffolk County area. Our team provides every type of glass care a business needs, from emergency repair service to custom glass decor. Our Commercial Care program makes it easier than ever to ensure your establishment has all the glass coverage it needs. Talk to our team today to learn about exclusive member benefits like priority after-hours response and discounted pricing on glass repair and replacement. We make your business glass needs our top priority.

Suffolk County Commercial Care

Apartments and Condominiums

The experts at Glass Doctor of The Hamptons specialize in many of the glass needs unique to apartments and condominiums. When you need patio door repair, window pane replacement or new glass for your onsite facilities, our team works with you to create beautiful, durable glass products that perfectly fit in with your space. Plus, as a member of our Commercial Care program, we offer your residents a 15% discount on all auto glass work.

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Creating an enticing dining atmosphere, which is also functional, requires our professional glass expertise. Our custom glass decor will enhance the ambiance of any dining area. We offer a full line of glass solutions for outdoor seating areas and patios, including safety glass partitions and windbreaks. When you need specialty glass items to improve your food service areas, our specialists retrofit buffet sneeze guards to sliding drive-up windows to your building.

Schools and Universities

Safety is paramount in our local schools and universities. Glass Doctor of The Hamptons offers a full line of safety glass so your students, staff and building are protected. Consider adding laminated glass, security film or tempered glass to common areas. Tempered glass is designed specifically with safety in mind; it breaks into small, safe chunks on impact to protect students and staff from dangerous shards of glass. We meet the standards for safety and offer options to spruce up the interior decor of the building.

Retail Stores

We can help your business save with plate glass, door, and entryway repair and replacement to retrofitting low-energy and low-maintenance. Glass Doctor can repair or replace your display cases, glass shelving, dressing room mirrors, and safety glass walls and partitions. We specialize in decor and business safety glass, too. Options include etched, beveled, stained, and fire- and bullet-resistant glass.

Hotels and Motels

Custom glass decor perfectly melds form with function. Decorative wall mirrors, custom glass tabletops and shelves make any stay in your establishment a memorable experience. We offer a wide range of custom shower doors and tub enclosures to make your bathrooms feel more luxurious. We work to make your guests feel they are in an elegant and beautiful building so they enjoy their stay and return.

Cities and Municipalities

Keep your city or municipality operating smoothly with more efficient glass. We provide a range of high-efficiency, low-maintenance glass options to reduce your energy and maintenance costs. Retrofit your location with fire- and bullet-resistant glass, and be sure to ask about professional services like entryway repair and door closer maintenance.

For all your commercial glass care needs, trust the experts at Glass Doctor of The Hamptons. Contact us today to learn more about how we can take care of your business.