Door Closer Repair Service

As the owner of a business, you understand that customer service doesn't begin when a customer interacts with an employee; customer service begins as soon as guests walk through your front door. Keeping this in mind, first impressions can make or break a sale, which is why you'll want to make sure your front door works properly. At Glass Doctor® of The Hamptons, we provide full-fledged door closer care, which includes repair and maintenance service, to ensure the safety of your commercial doors as well as every customer and employee.

How Door Closers Work

When a door closer is properly installed, the user will feel a slight resistance when pushing the door open. This helps provide the user with an idea of how heavy the door is. The resistance is overcome after a moment and the door will glide smoothly open. Once resistance is no longer applied by the user, the spring inside the door closer will allow the door to gently close.

Door Closer Repair

Because door closers are vital to your business, we recommend regular maintenance. Our team will identify issues and resolve them quickly. Consult with our specialist to determine the best repair or replacement options for your business.

The wrong door closers: A heavier commercial door will require a door closer that uses stronger springs. The wrong type of door closer can pose all kinds of problems, including safety risks, misalignments and damage to the door closer and the door itself.

Improperly installed door closers: Our Glass Doctor of The Hamptons specialists have access to the proper tools required to install and maintain your door closers and to ensure that they remain in good working condition for a long time to come. Our door closer maintenance service will prevent:

  • Misalignments
  • The unexpected or unusual movements of the door
  • Damage to the doorframe

Seal repairs and low oil levels: When a door experiences a broken seal, it results in an exposed clearance gap. This will leave your hardware vulnerable and could lead to lubricant leaks.

Oil leaks usually indicate that the door closer is experiencing a mechanical problem, such as failed seals, broken O-rings or a missing screw. A professional will need to replace the door closer's oil as a lack of lubrication can cause your doors to open or close too quickly, which could result in an injury to the user or damage to the door.

Locking problems: If your door has difficulties locking, then it poses a security risk to your business. It could also affect the condition of the doorframe, the door closer and the locking mechanism.

Door Closer Care

Always use a professional door closer care service to perform repairs and maintenance. Anyone attempting to fix your door closer without proper training could void the warranty. Glass Doctor of The Hamptons specialists have the training required to install, maintain and repair your commercial door closers. They are also trained to provide care services for doorframes, hinges, thresholds, glass repairs and other hardware. Schedule an on-site consultation today by contacting us at Glass Doctor of The Hamptons.