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Door Closer Repair Service

Proper security begins with sturdy, well-built doors at your business' entrance. Unfortunately, this type of door is heavy and can be difficult for some people to open. That's why it's essential to have door closers installed and ensure they are working at their best. The first impression your customers get of your establishment occurs the moment they open the door. Let Glass Doctor® of Phoenix perform your door closer repair and maintenance to ensure that the first impression is a good one.

How Door Closers Work

Door closers help with both opening and closing heavy doors. When a person first pushes the door open, there will be some resistance, but as the door opens, the door closer does most of the work making heavy doors easier to open. Once the person enters, all he has to do is release the door. The closer controls the rate at which the door closes to prevent damage, injuries and noise. When the door isn't being used, the closer maintains pressure on the door to keep it closed against wind and pressure changes.

Door Closer Repair

Problems with Door Closers

Several factors can cause door closers to malfunction or not work at their best. A door closer that's not up to the task can lead to damage to the door and possibly even injury.

Improper Size or Type

A door closer that's incorrectly matched to the style, size and weight of the door will not work as it should. If the closer isn't strong enough for the door's weight, the door will be hard to open and will close violently.

Improper Installation

Installing door closers so they'll work at their best is an art that takes practice. Glass Doctor of Phoenix specialists have installed thousands of door closers and use only the highest-quality components. This ensures the door closer will work as it should as well as providing the longest possible lifespan.

Improper Alignment

Over time, door closers can fall out of alignment. This is the most common type of door closer repair need. Signs of an improperly aligned door closure include:

  • Damage to the doorframe.
  • Doors that close to rapidly.
  • Doors that rattle or open when the wind blows.
  • Doors that are difficult to lock.

If you notice any of these issues, call Glass Doctor of Phoenix for an inspection and adjustment.

Seals and Oil Levels

Door closers are hydraulic devices that utilize oil to operate. Over time, seals can wear, leading to oil leaks. As the oil level drops, the opener begins to lose power, making the door harder to open and allowing it to closes too forcefully. We can replace worn seals and ensure the oil level is correct.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

If you're having issues with your doors and need door closer repair, or if you'd just like to schedule an inspection to prevent future problems, call Glass Doctor of Phoenix today. Our specialists receive extensive training and will ensure the work meets your high expectations as well as manufacturer warranty requirements.