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Eastern Pennsylvania

Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Eastern Pennsylvania offers a variety of commercial glass services for business owners throughout Philadelphia County. Our custom glass installations include decorative and protective options that allow you to make a good impression on clients and customers. Sign up for our Commercial Care program to take advantage of extra benefits, including a designated commercial account and discounts on every emergency commercial glass repair. If you have glass that breaks frequently, save time and money with our Advance Measurement system.

Glass Care for Businesses in Philadelphia

Our glass specialists have the solutions you need for commercial glass repair and replacement no matter your industry.


Your glass surfaces must meet local health codes and elevate your indoor ambiance, and it's important to keep diners safe and comfortable. Fortunately, we have decorative and protective options for a variety of different glass installations. We will customize a sneeze guard for your buffet and make the panes easier to clean with a coat of Clear Choice™ glass protectant.


Protect your storefront windows with security glass, which welcomes shoppers into a bright, spacious interior. At Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania, we will install custom glass surfaces that help you show off your inventory and complete smooth transactions. We also repair and replace door components, including sliding door glass panes and the components in mechanical door closers. If glass breaks overnight and exposes your retail space to safety risks, call immediately for an emergency commercial glass repair.

Apartments & Condos

We prioritize the safety and satisfaction of all your residents. Our specialists will upgrade or repair a variety of glass installations in your individual residential units. Just choose the style, size and safety considerations that meet your standards. We also have experience with protective glass for pools and other public spaces. Thanks to Commercial Care, every resident at your apartment or condominium complex will even enjoy 15% off their auto glass services at Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania.

apartment windows

Government Offices

City and municipality buildings should reflect the communities they serve. Our glass specialists will continue to beautify Eastern Pennsylvania with custom glass installations for government buildings. Set an eco-friendly example with low-emissivity (Low-E) windows that save money and inspire your taxpayers. We expedite orders on request, and our specialists will help you complete your precinct with fire-rated safety glass and other custom options.

Academic Campuses

Our glass surfaces protect students from preschool through college. We install kid-friendly options such as protective backing for bathroom mirrors. Ask us to upgrade your classrooms with custom double pane windows, which let in natural lighting without letting out your climate-controlled air. If your school gym and bathrooms are mildew magnets, we will improve your ventilation and install new mirrors and shower doors. We also repair or replace glass installations in shared dormitories and other on-campus accommodations.

Motels & Hotels

Win over your overnight guests with a custom glass tub enclosure that transforms their ordinary tub into a retreat. At Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania, we will elevate your curb appeal and upgrade your interiors with high-quality glass installations. Choose glass installations with decorative tints that match your aesthetic, or protect your guests with windows that resist high winds and temperature transfer.