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Door Closer Repair Service

First impressions are essential to building your business. Keeping your entryway operating is critical to positive customer interaction. Glass Doctor® of Eastern Pennsylvania will make sure your strike the right chord with every client. Our door closer repair services keep your patrons safe and your products secure. We provide quality door closer maintenance services for your storefront doors. Trust the Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania team with your door closer maintenance.

How Door Closers Work

Manual door closers make opening heavy commercial doors easier. When pulled open, a door closer adds resistance, so the weight of the door is handled correctly. After the user overcomes the initial resistance, the door opens smoothly. After the patron passes through the portal, the door closes gently. The closer pushes the door to a closed position.

Common Door Closer Issues

If your customers struggle with the front door of your business, a component may be improperly installed. An ill-fitting door closer makes the entrance into their business difficult. Correctly installed door closers allow your doors to be easily opened and shut.

Incompatible door closers: Businesses that have doors that are heavy can often have mismatched door closers. Most commercial doors are heavy, so the springs must strong or else door closer damage is inevitable. A mismatched door will eventually harm the closer, door and walls of the business.

Faulty installation or maintenance: If your door closer was not expertly installed with the correct tools, damage is sure to occur. Common problems from poor installation can include doorframe damage, abnormal door movements and even misalignments leading to the need for constant maintenance.

Leaking oil: Broken seals or exposed gaps within your door frame mean your hardware is vulnerable. Common errors include missing screws, broken O-rings and failed seals. Doors can open or close too quickly if the oil levels are badly balanced, which can lead to a potential safety hazard.

Lock problems: Professional Door Closer Repair

Only a trained professional can properly service your door closers. The experts at Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania are instructed how best to adjust and maintain commercial door closers. By hiring professional glass specialists, you're hiring a team that can maximize the lifespan of your entryway. Our specialists have years of experience working with commercial businesses in Philadelphia. We have trained our team to install, maintain and repair door closers on commercial doors. We value every customer; you can count on top-tier customer service no matter the hour you call on our team. Schedule a consultation with the Glass Doctor of Eastern Pennsylvania team today!