Emergency Business Glass Services

No business can afford to leave broken windows unattended for long. Not only do windows protect the interior of your store, but they also prevent outside temperatures from interfering with your heating and cooling system, saving both money and the earth. Glass Doctor® of Tri Cities in Pasco is dedicated to fixing all broken business glass as soon as it is reported. Our emergency business glass repair team is available at all hours of the day, seven days a week. We're committed to fixing your windows whenever it's possible, and if it isn't, we'll order new panes, board up the window and clean up any broken glass for no extra charge.

Quick, Reliable Repairs

The more we know about your business's current glass needs, the more quickly we can make repairs, which is why we established the Glass Doctor Advance Measurement system. This system involves drawing a diagram of your business, identifying all of the glass products you use, and assigning a number to each of them. If any of these glass products break, simply tell us the number and we will quickly find a replacement for our in-stock products. Our Advance Measurement program also allows you to establish payment and contact information ahead of time, allowing us to address your glass needs without hesitation.

The Advance Measurement system is ideal for any business that can't afford to wait for repairs. The quicker we can identify and replace your glass products, the less of your time we have to take up and the less likely it is that we'll have to board up your windows. If your company is particularly vulnerable to broken glass, consider signing up for our in-stock replacement program. In this program, we keep the glass your business uses in stock at all times in case you need emergency business glass repair services. This is particularly useful if your business uses highly decorative or specialized glass that we would not otherwise have on hand.

Commercial Care

Besides helping you prepare for damage ahead of time, Glass Doctor of Tri Cities also offers a Commercial Care program to help you save money and time in the long term. The program's benefits include:

  • Quick, reliable response at all hours
  • Access to trained specialists who are committed to restoring your business's glass
  • Savings on emergency business glass repair and board-up services
  • A commercial account
  • Access to membership prices for all repairs, replacements, and upgrades

We have experience working with all kinds of businesses across the country and is committed to helping you make your company safer, more efficient, more sustainable and more beautiful. Don't limit yourself to standard glass. Call Glass Doctor of Tri Cities in Pasco today to learn more about your commercial glass options.