Door Closer Repair Service in Olympia, WA

Glass Doctor® of Olympia is committed to supplying your business with the finest quality door closer care and repair service available. We offer businesses throughout Thurston County the ability to make a great first impression the moment customers walk through the door. We provide manual door closer repair and preventative maintenance services that ensure your employees and customers remain safe.

How Door Closers Work

The function of a manual door closer is to provide a smooth and controlled closing action for a door after it has been opened and released. As a door is opened, gear teeth within engage to force hydraulic fluid to flow back and forth between a reservoir and open space left by a moving piston. The door's closing speed is controlled by regulating the flow of this fluid. As the door closes, the piston slowly returns to its original position and the door closes.

Door Closer Repair

Doors that lack the proper type of closer pose a safety risk, lead to misalignments, and damage the door and closer. At Glass Doctor of Olympia, our door closer care experts have the proper tools required to install and maintain your company's door closers, maximizing their lifespan and ensuring they remain in perfect working condition. Door closers should always be installed and serviced by experienced specialists.

Seal Repair

Broken seals in a door closer leave hardware vulnerable. A leak usually indicates a missing screw, broken O-rings or failed seals. Leaking door closers present a risk to employees and customers as they enter and exit your business. Oil that leaks from the closer will drip down and make the floor below extremely slick, and the closer's ability to properly control the door is lost. The door then swings freely, which may result in serious injury as well as damage to the door and frame.

Door Closer Maintenance Services

Door closer problems often creep up gradually and owners may not even realize there is an issue until loss of door control occurs. Even closers built to withstand constant use wear down over time and have leaks. Regular maintenance is the recommended solution. The cost to repair or replace a leaky door closer is relatively small. Our specialists are highly trained in the installation, repair and replacement of commercial door closers. We are equally knowledgeable in the care or replacement of doorframes, hinges, thresholds and other door hardware. We offer a door closer maintenance program that will ensure your door's hardware components are always in good working condition and safe for employee and customer use. Contact Glass Doctor of Olympia today to learn how to make our door closer care services a part of your overall maintenance and safety strategy.