Door Closer Repair Service

You want your storefront to be welcoming to every customer who enters. To this end, your doors should make people feel as though you want them to enter your business. From door closer care to full glass door replacement, Glass Doctor® of Carmi, IL is your comprehensive storefront door solution.

Glass Storefront Doors

The combination of beauty, strength and cost-effectiveness provided by glass is unmatched by any other material. That's why we offer you custom glass storefront doors that will immediately beautify and secure your storefront. Our glass design experts will walk you through all of your options to make sure that you choose the perfect door for your business' style. You can also have us repair or replace your existing storefront doors.

Security Film

Security film will instantly boost your storefront's security. This is because it actively holds your glass together so that even if your door's glass is broken, it's less likely that there will be a gaping hole or scattered shards of glass. These capabilities grant your door the ability to resist break-ins and accidental damage.

Door Closers

Even if your door looks great, it can still detract from the customer experience if it hinders a customer's ability to enter your storefront. A good door closer will improve your customers' entry by allowing the smooth opening and closing of your doors. Our specialists will install a door closer that is specifically designed for your door. We will also provide you with the long-term door closer care service you need to keep everything in proper working order for a long time.

Door Closer Repair Service

If your door closer is worn down or damaged for any reason, call us. We will come out and provide you with any door closer care service you need, including repairs and full replacements. It's important that you have our professionals restore your door closer, because improper door closer repair or installation is likely to cause damage or create a hazardous situation. An improperly installed door closer will cause misalignments, which will damage the door, doorframe and door closer. It could also cause your door to suddenly slam shut, injuring a person.

24/7 Emergency Glass Repair Service

Broken glass creates an instant safety hazard, so when your storefront doors are broken, you shouldn't have to wait around for the repairs. That's why we offer you 24/7 emergency glass repair service. No matter when you call us, we will come out and repair your storefront's broken glass.

Glass Door Care in Carmi

Glass Doctor of Carmi will make sure that your store is more welcoming to customers than ever! Give us a call today to get the best glass care and quality service in Carmi.