Shower Door Installation

A clean glass shower is the ideal way to bring elegant focus to the master bathroom while increasing the resale value of a home. Whether you're renovating the entire bathroom or you're making a few minor upgrades to your home, having a glass shower door and tub enclosure is a great option. Glass Doctor® of Valdosta, GA is the company you want to provide your shower door installation services; we offer a range of designs from basic frames to complex embellished glass enclosures.

There are four key factors our specialists recommend you consider before beginning a glass shower project.

  • Measurements:One of the first steps of designing a new shower is getting accurate measurements. Call on our glass experts to prevent inaccurate measurements, which could delay the shower door installation.
  • Configuration: There are two key components that determine how much weight the walls will support. The first is whether the walls are made of tile or drywall. The second is the location of the supporting studs. Discern what your walls are made of or consult with our specialists to narrow you enclosure options.
  • Shower head. The most important characteristic to consider in a shower head is the spray radius. Your shower head should not be able to spray water outside of the enclosure even when the glass door is open.
  • Ventilation. Ventilation is key for preventing mold and moisture growth. Talk to our specialists about a free ventilation courtesy check and your options for glass steam room kits.

Once you've narrowed down your shower options, based on the configuration of your space and fixtures you want, Glass Doctor of Valdosta, GA will guide you through the design process, which includes budgeting, installing, and maintaining your new shower door or tub enclosure.

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Glass Doctor of Valdosta, GA provides extensive ideas and inspiration when you begin designing your new shower or tub enclosure.

Start designing your shower door installation process today by contacting Glass Doctor of Valdosta, GA. Our team will be happy to provide an in-home consultation in which we will help you decide what type of enclosure best suits your bathroom!