Thermopane Glass Replacement

The term "thermopane" is both a brand and colloquial name for Insulated Glass Units (IGUs) also known as double pane or triple pane windows. Double pane or thermopane windows provide superior insulation when kept in good working condition. Any damage to the glass or seals, though, can negatively impact the performance of your thermopane windows.

Read on to learn how Glass Doctor® can replace your thermopane glass.

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What Is Thermopane Glass?

Thermopane glass is an industry term for double- or triple pane windows, also known as insulated glass units. Insulated windows have two or three panes separated by spacers to create an air pocket between the glass panels. The panes are sealed to protect the pocket, which is sometimes filled with argon or krypton gas to make them more efficient.

Insulated glass units are framed in vinyl or wood, and occasionally aluminum. Rotting wood is a common cause of broken seals within double pane windows, and this could lead to more severe window damage if not addressed in a timely manner.

Reasons to Replace Your Thermopane Glass

There are several reasons you may choose to replace your thermopane glass. These include:

  • Broken or Cracked Thermopane Glass
    Cracked or shattered thermopane windows are unable to insulate your home effectively. If you detect cracks, big or small, in one pane or in multiple panes, it's important to contact your local Glass Doctor about thermopane replacement.
  • Compromised Window Seals
    If your thermopane window gets foggy, the seal may be to blame. A broken seal may seem cosmetic, but if moisture is getting in, heat and AC-cooled air are getting out. Window seals weaken or break for many reasons: repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles, exposure to direct sunlight, and temperature fluctuations, to name a few. These situations are all expected and tested for during the manufacturing process, but can still take their toll on your windows over time
  • Aging Windows
    Window technology has changed rapidly in the last decade and your older windows may no longer be the most efficient available. Further, older windows are more susceptible to damage. Get ahead of repairs by proactively replacing your windows.

How to Replace Thermopane Glass

Replacing the glass in a window is a more cost-effective way to benefit from a modern window than replacing the entire window. At Glass Doctor, we replace glass of all types for home and business owners throughout the US and Canada. Thermopane glass or double pane window glass replacement should always be completed by a professional. Your local Glass Doctor will help you select the glass replacement that’s right for you.

When you choose Glass Doctor for thermopane glass replacement, you can expect that:

  1. Your local Glass Doctor will make an appointment at your home to evaluate and measure the window.
  2. After the window has been measured, your technician will order new glass and establish a time for installation.
  3. During your installation appointment, your technician will prepare the space for new glass by:
    • a) Removing old caulk or glazing
    • b) Removing existing glass panes
    • c) Cleaning the frame
  4. After cleaning and prepping, your technician will install the new glass, then glaze and caulk the window.

How Much Does Thermopane Glass Replacement Cost?

Thermopane glass replacement costs vary based on the labor required to remove the existing glass, the condition of the window frame, and the cost of replacement glass and materials like glazing and seals.

Other factors include:

  • Whether replacing the entire window will be necessary
  • The condition of the window seals
  • The condition of the window structure

Let Glass Doctor Fix Your Thermopanes

If your thermopane window is broken, cracked or aging fast, it's time to contact your local Glass Doctor. We specialize in saving you time, energy and money. Glass Doctor professionals can replace thermopane glass and provide accurate and upfront pricing. Our reputation is built on the quality of service we provide.

Call our team at (833) 365-2927 today or request an appointment online to get started.

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