How to Fix Moisture and Condensation Between Double Pane Windows

Dealing with fogged double pane windows can be a hassle. When condensation between window panes forms, it means the seal on the insulated glass unit (IGU) has failed.

Thankfully, the solution is simple — replace just the glass, not the entire window. We recommend contacting your local Glass Doctor for glass replacement.

Explore the following topics to learn more about insulated glass and how to find a service technician near you:

Diagram of how double pane windows work

Graphic of an insulated glass unit

How Insulated Glass Works

Insulated glass units help keep homes cooler in the winter and warmer in the summer. Double pane windows are a type of IGU. The insulating airspace in between the glass panels helps to reduce heat loss.

Most modern windows have two seals: an inner seal to protect against moisture and corrosion, and an outer seal to protect the strength of the window.

The seals hold a spacer in place — usually a tube containing water-absorbing chemicals, otherwise known as a desiccant. The two panes of glass are separated by the spacer and sealed together at the edge of the window.

Why IGU Seals Break

For the most part, double pane insulated glass windows work extremely well. They can withstand and handle all types of weather, including cold temperatures, heat, and humidity, as well as repetitive open and close motions.

With the double seal, when one seal begins to break, the other can hold the line for a while. However, as the window ages, its components begin to break down. The standard lifespan of double pane windows ranges from 10 to 20 years.

Other than old age, there are two additional factors that affect seal breakage:

  • Water retention in the frame or improper drainage around the window.
  • Direct exposure to sunlight — the more sun your window gets, the more heat will buildup, causing the glass to expand, contract, and eventually weaken.

Once the seal is broken, moisture begins to form between the glass plates, giving your windows a milky, foggy look.

Call Your Local Glass Doctor to Fix Condensation Between Your Window Panes

Double pane windows with condensation

Condensation can build up between double pane windows.

At Glass Doctor, we do our best to save your windows and replace just the glass, which can reduce the cost of your repair and create a more eco-friendly home.

If there’s condensation between the panes in your windows, find a Glass Doctor professional near you to correct the problem. We’re fast, professional, and affordable. Call 855-603-1919 or request an appointment online.

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