Industry Glass Solutions

Glass Doctor® of Victoria, TX is proud to be Victoria's authority on commercial glass repair. Our 24/7 emergency glass repair and replacement is only one incentive for business owners and managers to take advantage of our industry glass solutions. Our Customer Care program ensures your company or organization will receive priority service, at your convenience and with the best possible pricing.

Apartments and Condominiums

Apartments and condominiums have a unique relationship with exterior glass and mirrors. Communal areas, like workout rooms and swimming pools need safety glass and safety backing for mirrors; in the event of damage, our Glass Doctor of Victoria, TX team of first responders will quickly secure the area, protecting pedestrians and pets from injury. Residential units also need fast response for balcony or patio glass breakage. Pass along savings to your residents; tenants can receive a 15% discount if your complex joins our Commercial Care program!

apartment windows


Our glass professionals can upgrade or retrofit your specialty glass specifically suited to a restaurant's requirement. We offer drive-up windows, buffet bacterial guards or decorative mirrors. Opt to add UV-resistant tints to exterior glass to protect your interior decor and carpets from sun damage. Our team will ensure damage to plate glass windows, mirrors and glass tabletops won’t impede your traffic flow. We respond to emergency glass concerns ready to restore and secure your building.

Schools and Universities

Learn how Glass Doctor of Victoria, TX can customize your school’s glass windows and doors with upgrades and safer installations before you need commercial glass repair services. To maximize natural light, learning institutions have an abundance of classroom windows, which will benefit from low-emissivity (Low-E) pane additions. We understand that school science laboratories, natatoriums, athletic venues, locker rooms, display cases and viewing booths have safety and specialty glass requirements. We will meet every requirement to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your students and staff. Your residential areas can also be upgraded with energy efficient glass.


Glass Doctor of Victoria, TX knows pedestrian traffic is critical to your business, so our glass professionals respond quickly when you need commercial glass repair or replacement. We board up your damaged windows and doors to protect your inventory from vandalism or weather; we'll also quickly secure the area to guard against injury from glass shards. Commit to a more beautiful interior shop with the addition of bespoke glass and mirror shelves, walls and partitions.

Hotels and Motels

Overnight and extended stay hotels and motels need a fashionable and relaxing atmosphere as well as serviceable areas in their rooms and common areas. Ask our Glass Doctor of Victoria, TX specialists how you can improve your multi-room residence’s form and function with attractive, safe glass and mirrors. Lower overhead costs when you upgrade single pane windows to insulated glass units. Our specialists will discuss the best IGU options for your building and offer budget solutions.

Cities and Municipalities

Low-E glass supports your city or town’s commitment to saving energy and money. When Glass Doctor of Victoria, TX retrofits or replaces glass, we can ensure your government site has sustainable, durable glass and mirror doors, windows, closers and entrances. We’ll install low-maintenance glass that is fire-rated or bulletproof, with the necessary weight to meet state guidelines. We can install two-way mirrors for your law enforcement agencies that offer strength and protection, plus provide clear visibility.

Call Glass Doctor of Victoria, TX at 361-237-1301 or contact us before you build or renovate your commercial property. Rely on our team to deliver the best custom glass solutions for your business.