Door Closer Repair Service

When new and repeat customers enter your business, you want all eyes to be on your products and merchandise, not your entryway. If your doors are not working properly, your customer's visit will be off to a bad start, and it could lead to a loss of revenue for you. Let the experts at Glass Doctor® of Victoria, TX make sure your customers enjoy an excellent experience every time.

Door Closer Repair

A properly-working manual door closer will assist guests as they open your door, and make sure that the door closes completely and gently without the guest having to pull it shut. If the door closer is not working correctly, the door will be difficult to open or it will not close all the way. Malfunctioning doors allow air and pests to enter the building. In the worst cases, it could cause a door to slam closed unexpectedly which is a safety hazard--especially for children!

Common Problems

One common problem is having the wrong type of door closer installed for the weight or size of the door. If the internal spring is too heavy, it will cause the door to close too quickly, potentially injuring your employees and customers. An incorrect closer will also create misaligned doors, and damage to the frame or door.

Broken seals within the mechanism often lead to clearance gaps and damage to the internal hardware of the unit. If you notice oil leaking from the closer, this is often a sign of a broken seal or a missing component or screw.

Expert Repair & Maintenance

Glass Doctor of Victoria, TX will repair, maintain, or replace your door closer so it works properly and lasts longer. Our experts are trained and experienced on all types of doors and their closers. Don't make the mistake of attempting to repair the closer yourself as this could void the manufacturer's warranty on the unit.

Free Consultation

Let the experts at Glass Doctor of Victoria, TX visit your business and assess your door closer. We will inspect the unit and its internal mechanisms to accurately diagnose the problem and offer a solution. You will receive an accurate quote for materials and installation before any work is done. That way, you know exactly what you are getting before you have to make any payments.

To learn more about keeping your doors working correctly and safely, call or schedule an appointment with Glass Doctor of Victoria, TX today!