Advance Measurement System

The Glass Doctor® of Pittsburgh Advance Measurement System provides local businesses the ability to include glass repair and replacement services in their disaster recovery plans. If you decide to take advantage of this specialized proactive glass care service, then we will send our glass service specialists to your property in order to accurately measure all of your glass panes, including the windows and doors.

We will record the type of glass that is used and take note of any safety glass code requirements. Finally, a diagram of your property will be drawn up, which features the location of every glass pane. Panes are numbered for clarity.

Faster Emergency Repairs

By taking part in our Advance Measurement System, your business benefits from faster emergency repairs. The system allows for our team to pre-determine your glass needs. When you call to report a broken pane, our specialists will know the measurements and type of glass you need based off the diagram. If the glass is in stock, your pane can be replaced right away. This whole process saves time and removes the need for board-ups since we will be able to replace your pane on our first trip. Once you create an Advance Measurement plan, you have the option of pre-establishing your contact and credit information, which speeds up the replacement process even more.

In-Stock Options

If you choose to enroll in our additional In-Stock program, we can pre-order glass that tends to break frequently. Through our program, you'll have a replacement glass pane ready to be installed right away, eliminating the wait for glass panes to be ordered.

Benefits of Advance Measurement

Participating in our program guarantees your business will operate more smoothly. You will gain:

  • Improved property security
  • Reduced board-ups
  • Lower injury liability
  • Uninterrupted daily transactions for businesses

Consider proactive glass care to protect your business before glass damage happens. Consider our Advance Measurement plan today and fill out an online request form.