Window Glass Types

Window glass isn’t one size or type fits all. Property owners and builders have many types of window glass to choose from depending on the intent for the window, the location and features desired. Trust your local Glass Doctor to help you choose the glass that’s right for you and to maintain it for years to come.

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What Do I Need to Know to Select the Right Type of Window Glass?

Windows are more than meets the eye. A good window allows sunlight, lines of sight and ventilation into the home while enhancing your home’s aesthetic and keeping your property and its contents safe.

Before your make your decision, consider the following:

  • The amount of natural light you wish for the space
  • The location of the window
  • Your climate
  • The overall building design
  • The type of window you desire

Laminated, Tempered or Annealed

There are several different ways to manufacture glass. How the glass is manufactured will impact several factors, including how safe it is when it breaks. Three very important types of glass are annealed, tempered and laminated glass.

  1. Annealed glass is a traditional glass type that has been cooled slowly. Not suitable as a safety glass, as it breaks into large, sharp and unpredictable shards.
  2. Tempered glass is a type of glass that has been strengthened through compression. Tempered glass is used widely as a safety glass as it breaks into very small, dull shards when impacted.
  3. Laminated glass is also a type of safety glass. It is created by sandwiching an inner layer of plastic (like polyvinyl butyral (PVB)) between two layers of glass. On impact, the glass sticks to the interlayer, reducing the likelihood for injuries stemming from broken glass.

Different Types of Window Glass

There are several types of window glass, each suitable for a different residential or commercial application. Four of the most popular types are:

  • Insulated Glass Units
    Insulated glass units (IGUs) are windows with two or more panes separated by a spacer and hermetically sealed. The space between panes is filled with air or a gas, like krypton or argon, to help insulate the window. IGUs are popular for their ability to reduce energy transfer between the indoors and outdoors – keeping properties warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Double pane windows are a common type of insulated glass unit.
  • Low-emissivity (Low-E) Glass
    Low-emissivity or Low-E glass is glass that has been coated with a transparent substance that minimizes the amount of light that enters through the glass. Low-E glass reflects the sun’s rays, reducing solar impact on the temperature of a property and reducing energy costs.
  • Privacy or Obscure Glass
    Privacy glass – glass that is reflective or has been obscured – is a great choice for bathrooms, offices or street side rooms. This type of glass allows sunlight in but protects you and your property from prying eyes.
  • Impact Resistant Glass or Hurricane Glass
    Hurricane resistant windows and doors are made from impact resistant or hurricane glass. Hurricane glass is a type of laminated glass designed to provide protection from flying debris. Hurricane glass reduces the danger posed by broken windows, as the broken glass sticks to the inner layer of the window on impact.

Let Glass Doctor Fix Your Windowpanes

Window choice has a big impact on your property. From safety and security to energy costs, trust your local Glass Doctor to help you make the right decision for your company or household. Request an appointment online or call 855-603-1919 to get started today.

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