How to Keep Cold Air from Coming Through Windows

When the weather starts to cool down, you don’t want to worry about drafts and cold air coming in from the outside. Keep reading to learn seven simple techniques to keep cold air from coming through your windows and what you can do for a more permanent, safer solution.

Seven Ways to Keep Cold Air from Coming Through Windows

Here are seven methods of keeping cold air from coming through your windows and doors.

1. Use Weather Strips

Weather strips are an inexpensive way to seal doors and windows in your home. There are three main types of weather strips: compression, V-type and foam.

Compression weather strips are the most durable for seal-swinging doors and window sashes. V-type weather strips fit against the side of a door or window jam and form a seal to prevent cold air from entering.

Foam weather stripping comes in various sizes with an adhesive backing on one side. While foam weather stripping is the easiest to install, it only lasts one to three years.

2. Install New Door Sweeps

Installing a door sweep along the bottom of an exterior door can block out cold air. To ensure a good fit, measure the length of the door when it’s closed and cut the sweep to the size you need.

There are a variety of door sweeps including heavy-duty, drip-cap, and brush sweeps. Contact a glass and window expert to determine which would be best for your home.

3. Apply Foam Tape

Sticky foam tape is a great weather-proofing alternative for doors and windows that are slightly warped. Cut the tape to size and secure it along areas that have a draft.

4. Insulate with Window Film

Window film looks like saran wrap and does a great job at insulating your windows during the colder months. After placing window film on your windows, heat it with a blow-dryer to shrink it and seal out drafts.

5. Hang Insulated Curtains

While thermal curtains can help retain heat in the winter, they have to be closed for most of the day.

6. Re-Caulk Windows and Doors

Re-caulk old spots along your windows and doors to help seal out drafts. If you won’t open any windows until spring, temporarily seal them shut with caulking and peel it off when the weather starts to get warmer.

7. Use a Door Snake

These weighted fabric tubes are placed at the bottom of your door and prevent cold air from coming through. If you don’t want to buy a door snake, a rolled-up towel will also do the trick.

While these are easy, temporary ways to prevent drafts and keep cold air from coming into your home, consider more permanent solutions, such as installing double-pane windows.

What Are Double-Pane Windows?

Double-pane windows, also known as insulated glass units (IGUs), are known for the air pockets between their panes that diffuse heat transfer and reduce window conductivity, resulting in a better-insulated home.

Single-pane units do not have air pockets, thus allowing heat to pass through the glass more readily.

Double-pane units are not only great for insulation benefits, but they also lower noise pollution and reduce energy costs.

Insulate Your Windows with Glass Doctor

At Glass Doctor®, we have years of experience installing double-pane windows and keeping cold air out of our customers’ homes. If you want to permanently keep cold air from coming through your windows, install double-pane windows with Glass Doctor. Schedule an appointment today at 855-603-1919.



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