Is DIY Broken Window Glass Repair a Good Idea?

In general, taking on DIY projects can save you money and, in some cases, may even be fun – but broken window glass repair is another story. Broken window glass repair is a challenging task with multiple steps that must be completed carefully and precisely in order to properly repair the window. Often, the repair requires that a single pane of glass be removed and replaced.

Read on to learn more about broken window glass repair and the importance of professional glass services.

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What Does Broken Window Glass Repair Entail?

Repairing a broken windowpane usually means replacing the cracked or missing pane.

To do so, you must:

  1. Carefully remove the broken glass pane including the existing windowpane putty.
  2. Remove any existing glazing points.
  3. Oil and repair the window frame (if any damage exists).
  4. Clean the interior of the frame and apply new putty.
  5. Install new glass, putty and glazier points.

DIY Broken Window Repair Risks

Your windows play a role in your home’s security and energy efficiency. If any part of this process is completed incorrectly, it could leave you vulnerable to safety risks and drafts.

The Most Common DIY windowpane replacement problems:

  • Injury: It’s vital that homeowners and professionals, alike wear proper safety equipment including heavy-duty gloves to reduce the chance of cuts and scrapes during windowpane replacement.
  • Too much putty: New panes need to be secured with an appropriate amount of putty. Too much putty and the frame may swell, clouding or pushing the pane from the frame. Too little and in time, the new pane may fall from the frame, or allow drafts into your home.
  • Glazier point errors: Laying glazier points and successfully pressing the glass into place at the same time is tricky. DIYers will likely be unable to do this without an extra set of hands. And keep in mind that too much pressure may break the new glass pane. This is where experience pays off.

broken window

Choose Glass Doctor Broken Window Glass Repair

By calling on professionals to fix your broken window glass, you eliminate the risks associated with DIY installation and save yourself valuable time. Glass Doctor performs expert repairs so you don’t need to worry. The specialists at Glass Doctor will safely complete each window repair using industry best practices.

Need emergency repair? Call 833-974-0209 now for 24/7 emergency glass repair and replacement services. To learn about our non-emergency services, request an appointment online or contact the Glass Doctor location nearest you.

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