Bay Window Repair and Window Glass Replacement

Bay windows are chosen by homeowners for their architectural style (inside and outside) and for the light they allow into a home. A typical bay window extends out from a home and is made of multiple windows.

Because of the nature of their construction, bay windows are as, if not more, susceptible to the same problems as standard windows. At Glass Doctor®, we repair bay windows by replacing their standard and double pane glass units.

Read on to learn more about bay window glass replacement and bay window repair.

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Why Do Homeowners Choose to Replace Their Bay Windows?

Homeowners choose to replace their bay windows for a variety of reasons. From aesthetic preferences to safety concerns, there’s no wrong reason to replace your home’s standard or bay windows.

  • Energy efficiency
  • Safety
  • Style
  • Defects or failure
  • Age

Why Do Bay Windows Fail?

A bay window is a significant investment. Made of multiple windowpanes and engineered to extend outside the home. Like standard windows, bay windows fall victim to frame problems, breaking and cracking, leaks and condensation. These issues compound with age, material choice and location.

However, unlike standard windows that sit flush with a wall, bay windows overhang an exterior wall and are vulnerable to damage from above and below. Bay windows are also inherently more susceptible to shifting or warping. Remember – any damage to a window frame, including shifting or warping, will impact how the windowpane fits within the frame.

For these reasons, it’s important to choose a reputable vendor, like your local Glass Doctor, to install or to replace any damaged panes in your bay window. Fortunately, many damaged or broken bay windows may be repaired by replacing one or more of the affected windowpanes.

Upgrade Your Bay Windows to Save Money

If you’re replacing some glass in your bay window, consider upgrading your glass to save money on energy bills or to stabilize the temperature in your home. Installing advanced glass options, such as IGUs (insulated glass units) and Low-E windows, can also cut down on noise pollution and increase property value.

Bay Window Repair

Bay window repair typically requires replacement of one or more of the glass panes. Replacing a windowpane is often the more cost-effective solution than replacing the entire window.

To perform a bay window glass replacement, your local Glass Doctor will:

  1. Remove the old affected windowpane in its entirety.
  2. Prepare the space for a new window by removing any dirt and debris, repairing or replacing any damaged lumber or material, making the opening level and square and potentially removing nearby siding pieces.
  3. Install the new windowpane using the manufacturer-recommended hardware, adjusting with shims as necessary to ensure the pane is plumb and square.
  4. Replace caulk, trim and casing, installing additional insulation and re-installing any siding.

Your local Glass Doctor technician will determine whether your bay window may be repaired via glass pane replacement or if it is time for an entirely new window.

Choose Glass Doctor for Bay Window Glass Replacement

Trust Glass Doctor to repair your bay windows quickly and efficiently with professional bay window glass replacement. Our emergency services are available 24/7 to restore peace of mind. Call 833-974-0209 today or request an appointment online to get started.

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