Mirror Repair Methods for Antique Furniture

After a while, your furniture becomes worn and needs to be repaired and refurbished. The best method for repairing mirrored furniture is re-silvering it, but when the damage is too great, replacing your mirror may be more affordable.

Mirror and Glass Restoration

Most mirrors are made by depositing a layer of silver on one surface of high-quality, annealed float glass. How well a mirror reflects an image back depends on the thickness of the silver layer, the glass, and the glass color. When a mirror is damaged, a specialist can re-silver it to restore it.

Silvering is a rather simple process that has been refined over centuries using various chemical formulas. Glaziers can separate a weakened or broken piece of glass to restore the reflective properties of mirrored glass.

At Glass Doctor®, our experts repair and restore your damaged mirror to its original condition through the silvering process. When there is extensive damage, a large number of surface scratches, or specked glass, replacing the mirror or glass in your furniture may be necessary.

Replacing Your Mirrors with Glass Doctor

For mirrors that are damaged beyond repair, a more affordable solution is to replace the mirror altogether. Since antique vanities are often custom built, custom-cut mirrors are going to be your best option.

Glass Doctor offers custom glass solutions that match the specifications of your original mirror. We take into account the thickness and edging of a glass, the tint, and the silvering layering.

No matter your mirrored repair needs, we will bring your ideas to life.

Additional Services at Glass Doctor

Our home mirror services include:

  • Mirrored furniture repair
  • Mirrored wall installation
  • Bedroom mirrors
  • Statement mirrors
  • Mirrored backsplash
  • Mounted mirrors
  • Full-length mirrors
  • Custom mirrored table tops

Call Glass Doctor Today

We have over 270 locations and we perform in-home consultations to make the process easy for you. Give us a call and get your furniture repaired quickly at an affordable price. If you need glass or mirrors repaired or replaced, call Glass Doctor at 855-603-1919.

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