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Cracked Mirror Repair

At Glass Doctor® we specialize in home glass repair and replacement. We’ll tell you how to fix a cracked mirror on your own and when to call in the pros for replacement. The decision to fix or replace the mirror should be based on severity of the damage. 

How to Repair a Chipped Mirror


For the do-it-yourself type, there are techniques to repair chipped mirrors. As long as the damage is minor, it’s possible to use a repair kit consisting of resin adhesive and stabilizer. Here’s how to repair a chipped mirror using a glass repair kit:

  • Clean the area with a soft cloth and remove any dirt.
  • Apply the stabilizer.
  • Insert the resin through the stabilizer so it is in the crack.
  • Apply a small amount of resin on top of the area.
  • After the resin has cured, peel the top resin layer off and clean the mirror.

While this method may work for minor damage, it isn’t necessarily an effective way to fix broken mirrors with more serious cracks.

How to Disguise a Cracked Mirror

If you feel that DIY mirror repair isn’t necessarily for you, consider ways to cover up the cracked mirror:

  • Use a floral arrangement or vase to cover up chips in the corner or cracks along the lower half of the mirror. This helpful tip will hide the issue and add some decor to your space.
  • Painting over the crack is also an option, as long as it doesn’t affect visibility of the reflection. You can paint a border around the edges, or a simple design that extends to cover the crack.
  • Cut and glue a tile or glass border of your choice to hide the crack, which works particularly well along the top or bottom of the mirror.

When to Call a Professional

Sometimes, a DIY mirror repair can be a tough job, and disguising the crack may not be an easy fix either—in these cases an expert needs to be brought in. Glass Doctor has more than 270 locations nationwide and more than six decades of experience repairing all kinds of glass, including mirrors and other custom glass.

Is a Replacement Necessary?

When cracked mirrors are too damaged to repair, find a replacement that is both functional and stylish. Glass Doctor will create a custom replacement for mirrors that cannot be repaired. Our glass experts will answer your questions and work with you to select a mirror that fits your needs.

Our glass specialists are more than willing to work with your schedule and provide responsive customer service, high-quality workmanship and up-front pricing to determine the best fix for your mirror.

Why Glass Doctor?

Our certified glass professionals not only have the expertise and knowledge necessary, but we can also replace any type of custom mirror, including:

  • Bathroom mirrors
  • Wall-mounted makeup mirrors
  • Floor-to-ceiling mirrors
  • Wall mirrors
  • Car mirrors

We also offer the following qualifications to provide the best service possible for you and your home:

  • In-home estimates
  • Scheduled appointment times
  • No overtime fees

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