How to Keep Your Outdoor Patio Table Glass From Shattering

A quality patio furniture set with a glass outdoor dining table adds style and function to any patio or deck. Glass dining tables have a sleek, modern feel and make small spaces feel bigger. However, glass tabletops do pose a unique safety risk: cracked, broken or shattered glass can cause injury.

Read on to learn about the most common causes of outdoor glass tabletop damage and the precautions you can take to keep your patio safe for your family and guests.

Is My Glass Outdoor Table Dangerous?

In general, a glass outdoor table – easily picked up at a local home and garden center – is a safe choice. However, not all these products are created equal. Poorly manufactured or low-quality glass may shatter more easily as a result of weather conditions or by impact. Glass tabletops shatter for two key reasons:

  • Impact
    Thin or poorly manufactured glass tabletops are less sturdy than other tables and may contain glass defects. If a heavy object is dropped on top of this type of table, or strikes a defect, it’s possible for the table to crack or shatter.
  • Weather
    Weather patterns and storms can be very hard on glass tabletops and patio furniture: Hail can leave tables cracked or pockmarked. Freezing and thawing cycles can cause tables to weaken or disconnect from their frames. Large gusts of wind can carry tables (especially those with umbrellas) off decks and over railings.
    The impact of weather events on your patio furniture can be decreased by storing pieces of furniture in the winter or when not in use.

“My Glass Table Shattered by Itself”

Yes. You are not alone. Unfortunately, glass outdoor tabletops can shatter for no apparent reason. Experts agree that most of these incidents occur due to a combination of 1) drastic fluctuations in temperature and 2) glass defects.

The likelihood of your glass patio or deck table shattering spontaneously is very small, but you can reduce it further by:

  • Choosing a table specifically manufactured for outdoor use.
  • Selecting a table constructed of tempered or safety glass.
  • Ensuring the glass itself is thick (thickness will depend on the style of table), with a beveled edge.

Tempered Glass: The Closest You’ll Get to Shatterproof Outdoor Glass Table

The safest outdoor glass tabletop is one made with tempered glass. Tempered glass is glass that’s been heated to 1,100 degrees in a tempering furnace and then quickly cooled with room-temperature air. This process strengthens the outer layer of the glass so that it can withstand impacts that would normally shatter other types of glass.

If tempered glass does break, it breaks into smaller, pebble-like pieces without sharp edges, reducing the chance of injury.

Should you be in the market for a new patio table or tabletop, we recommend selecting a tempered glass top for safety and peace of mind.

Outdoor Glass Tabletop Replacement

Would you like to have tempered glass inserted into your favorite outdoor glass table? Glass Doctor® is proud to offer outdoor glass tabletop replacements for tables of all shapes and sizes. We custom-cut tabletops made from your desired glass, finished with your choice of edge. Contact your local Glass Doctor to learn more.

Choose Glass Doctor for Custom Outdoor Glass Tabletops

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