Home Window Repair & Replacement

When windows shatter or fail, restoring your home's safety and security is always a major priority. Count on Glass Doctor® of Stafford County to perform expert cracked window glass repair and replacement the moment you need assistance. Our glass specialists follow all the professional procedures put forward by industry leaders to ensure outstanding results every single time. 

Emergency Window Services

Glass Doctor of Stafford County will perform window glass repair 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can sleep safe and sound knowing your home is safe. Our team of specialists will arrive to immediately conduct any repairs needed. In the event that a particular glass pane must be ordered for a completely new installation, our specialists will board up the broken window and remove any hazardous debris from the area. Once completed, we will schedule an appointment to install your new window whenever it's most convenient for you.

Double Pane Window Repair

Our specialists will look for indications that your double pane windows need repair. Broken seals, for instance, will allow excess condensation to accumulate between the panes creating a murky, foggy complexion on the glass. Failed seals on double pane windows will lower your home's curb appeal while simultaneously reducing your home's ability to insulate properly.

Specialty Glass Repair

Aside from usual window panes, our specialists have years of combined experience repairing custom glass like patio doors, tabletops, full-size mirrors, glass cabinets, specialty glass home décor, and much more.

Home Window Replacement

Many times it's often more cost-effective to replace and upgrade broken windows. Ask our specialists about our many insulated glass units (IGUs) such as double and triple pane window models.


Reducing monthly energy costs while improving home comfort is the hallmark of today's best window upgrades. Glass windows like IGUs and Low-Emissivity (Low-E) windows are engineered to do just that. These windows are excellent for improving your home's overall efficiency and climate control while minimizing noise pollution. Issues like heat gain or air drafts are also resolved with these windows.

Additional Glass Services

Glass Protectant

Keep your investment protected from scrapes, scratches, mineral deposits, environmental pollutants and hard water by having our Clear Choice protectant applied to your home's windows. This material is also perfect for surfaces such as porcelain, granite, and tile floors.


Defend your home against harmful UVB and UVA radiation by tinting windows in your home. Homeowners will enjoy lower energy costs while also protecting sensitive upholstery and surfaces in your home fading or other damage.

Window Component Repair

Along with comprehensive window glass repair services, our specialists will also ensure all window mechanisms like latches, balances or locks are working properly.

Gain the Advantage

Our clients enjoy our member's only Advantage Plan®, which provides a number of excellent benefits such as:

  • An in-home inspection, free of charge
  • Prioritized scheduled
  • Savings and discounts on all services offered

For outstanding service, today, contact Glass Doctor of Stafford County over the phone or fill out an easy service request online to receive immediate assistance with home window glass repair, replacement and more.